What is The Music Site?

What is The Music Site?

The Music Site is a new social-music platform with a passion to help musicians and creators save money, save time and create new income streams to earn more from their content, whilst always promoting value, honesty and transparency in music.

Why was The Music Site founded?

More and more artists are self-releasing and enjoying success without the need for a record label deal. And this is made possible due to the tools available to independent musicians.

Every musician and creative, at any stage of their music career, relies on multiple tools and services to manage the various tasks needed to succeed in today’s digital music environment.

This includes releasing music, collecting royalties, selling merch, finding gigs, getting in front of new (and existing) fans, collecting fan data, staying socially active and a whole load more.

As a result, the digital music industry has become overcrowded, and for many, it’s overwhelming and inconvenient to keep track of all the tools available, not to mention the multiple logins and individual costs.

The Music Site answers this problem by providing an ever-growing suite of tools to support the many areas of a successful music career, and we’ll be offering all these tools at an incredibly affordable monthly subscription which is convenient, saves time and money.


Our Mission


We’re challenging the norm with pricing because ‘that’s just the way it is’ doesn’t wash with us. We’re developing a suite of tools to support music careers, build a fan base, generate income and more, all of which we will be offering for an incredibly affordable $/€/£9.99 a month. And we’ll be adding more tools continuously to make it even better value!

The music services we offer are carefully chosen providers that are the best deal for you and in line with our mission to create a transparent music environment.


By consolidating music and related media, social networking, and essential music tools and services all within one space, we hope to simplify the digital music industry and address the growing problem of fragmentation which is inconvenient and costly for both creators & consumers.


We have BIG plans for this! Through revenue sharing, higher royalty rates, lower fees and some revolutionary ideas to help artists and creators earn more, and give fans more as a result too!


Our end goal is to create a music environment that any artist or creative will know and trust, that any fan will know they’re activity will be supporting independent musicians and that any industry professional will value.


We have recognised one substantial opportunity that can result in a better, more modern and transparent digital music industry, which is the potential for our platform to support and deliver the much needed Blockchain technology in music. Our core platform has been developed with this in mind ready to adopt new technologies in the hopefully near future.

Mission Statement

  • To eliminate dependence upon multiple online music solutions by providing a single more efficient and socially engaging platform with consolidated and convenient access to the widest possible spread of music and related solutions.
  • To champion the cause for new music and to challenge the accepted regime.
  • To provide an environment for emerging artists & creative talents to improve, expose and promote their craft, with affordable resources and essential support.
  • To maintain and promote value, honesty and transparency at all times.


Contact Info

For contact details, please see our Contact Us page.