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What is The Music Site?

The Music Site is a fresh and exciting music-centric social network where, into the social mix, we’ve incorporated all the primary digital music solutions regularly frequented by all of us with a love for music.

Music is an important part of all our lives, it’s central to our everyday experiences, our celebrations and social rituals, and in our modern digital world, social networking is equally a part of everything we do. We’ve connected music and social in a big way, and we’ve added value and convenience with a ton of music features and services to create a single point-of-presence for everything music in your life.

Music consumption is exploding, and few industries have changed over the past two decades as much as music. The digital space we occupy is spectacularly large, more so perhaps than any other, our environment has become crowded, fragmented and overwhelming.

As a unique solution we’ve created The Music Site, a powerful music ecosystem to change the way we all access our digital music solutions. The idea is simple, a consolidation of online music activities around a compelling social core, the beating heart from which everything connects and grows. Whether you like, buy, create, perform or work in music, The Music Site has something for you.

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‘More than just music’

‘One global music community – One global music home’

‘Connecting a world of music’

‘Liberating music and musicians worldwide’


Mission Statement

To eliminate dependence upon multiple online music solutions by providing a single more efficient and socially engaging platform with consolidated and convenient access to the widest possible spread of music and related solutions.

To champion the cause for new music and to challenge the accepted regime.

To provide an environment for emerging artists & creative talents to improve, expose and promote their craft, with affordable resources and essential support.

To maintain and promote value, honesty and transparency at all times.


Our Vision

To become recognised globally as the instinctive single point-of-presence for online music solutions, a name synonymous with music and new music discovery.

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