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The Music Site simplifies the overcrowded digital music space for musicians and creators, through a smart online workplace that saves time, improves efficiency and generates new income from music through better monetization and creative new revenue streams.

Consolidate – Connect – Simplify

We’re Crowdfunding!


We’re launching an equity crowdfund to take The Music Site into the next phase of development and continue on this ambitious journey. If you’d like to be updated, submit your details below and we’ll keep you updated.

Investment Sought: £355,000

17.5% Equity Share

Valuation (Pre-Money): £1,673,571

SEIS & EIS Pre-Approved

Income/Expenditure Break-even Month 18

Expected Exit Years 3 – 5

What is The Music Site?

The Music Site simplifies the overcrowded digital music space for musicians and creators, through a smart online workplace that saves time, improves efficiency and generates new income from music through better monetization and creative new revenue streams.

Artists and creators can consolidate, showcase and monetize all their music, lyrics, videos, pictures, events, tickets, merchandise and information in one place, conveniently access by fans and industry professionals. 

Pro members can access a growing suite of digital tools to advance their music careers. This includes tools to help engage with fans, grow a fan-base, collect important analytics and increase sales and income. We plan to offer all Pro tools at an affordable $/€/£9.99 monthly subscription.

We combine all the above with a bespoke music-centric social network and a relational database of emerging talent, media and user data, and a passion to provide value and benefit to a global audience of creators, fans and the industry.

Why we’re Crowdfunding

We have completed the initial social platform and core foundation of The Music Site which has been built with a robust and scalable infrastructure ready to support future growth plans. We’re now turning our focus to stage 2, to grow the network and an artist-friendly online workplace.

This includes a suite of tools to enhance promotions, improve efficiency, maximize exposure and generate income channels for artists and creators.

We’re also developing a unique music subscription model where musicians could earn more on a per-play basis, we hope to be releasing this soon to our Beta members, and this crowdfund will allow us to reach a wider audience of fans and musicians.

Why was The Music Site founded?

We believe artists should be respected and fairly rewarded for their work, so we’re building a place that aims to actively promote value, honesty and transparency in music, something we hope every musician and creative talent can feel part of.

More and more artists are self-releasing and enjoying success without the need for a record label deal, and this is made possible due to the tools available to independent musicians.

Every musician and creative, at any stage of their music career, relies on multiple tools and services to manage the various tasks needed to succeed in today’s digital music environment.

This includes releasing music, collecting royalties, selling merchandise, finding gigs, getting in front of new (and existing) fans, collecting fan data, staying socially active and a whole load more.

As a result, we believe the digital music industry has become overcrowded, and for many it’s overwhelming and inconvenient to keep track of all the tools available, not to mention the multiple logins and individual costs.

The Music Site answers this problem by providing an ever-growing suite of tools to support the many areas of a successful music career, and we’ll be offering all these tools at an incredibly affordable monthly subscription which is convenient, saves time and money.

Our Mission


We’re developing a unique patent pending ‘fair-play’ music subscription model where musicians could earn more per-play than is the current norm. We also have more ideas in the pipeline, in fact, there will be 11 ways artists could earn from The Music Site.


We’re challenging the norm with pricing because ‘that’s just the way it is‘ doesn’t wash with us. We will strive to ensure our Pro subscription will always be a better-than-good deal, and we’ll be offering all Pro tools for just $/€/£9.99 a month which is great value, and we’ll be adding more tools regularly to make it even better value!

Music services which aren’t fulfilled by us are, and will always be, carefully chosen partners that we feel are the best deal for you, and in line with our mission to create a transparent music environment.


We think the digital music industry is far too fragmented and as a result is inconvenient and affects our music experience. By consolidating music and related media, with social networking and musician tools all in one space, we aim to simplify the digital music industry, address the growing problem of fragmentation and create a better music experience for everyone. Plus lowering the costs for creators by offering an ever-growing list of musician tools for just one price!


There is an ongoing problem with transparency in music, known as ‘the-value-gap’, where revenues are not being returned fairly to those who are creating and investing in music. We have a genuine passion to make a positive change within the music industry, support and foster creativity, and actively promote value, honesty and transparency in music.

Want to support us but don’t want to ‘invest’?

We understand that some of you may want to support our mission but don’t want the headache of ‘investing’ (or the investor benefits). That’s OK, we need all the support we can get, so we’ve created this orange button below for you to support us with a simple donation through PayPal. Any donation we receive will go 100% towards the campaign and our mission, and of course you’ll still be mentioned on our Acknowledgements page for life!

Help us spread the word!

Help spread the word by sharing this page on your social channels, blogs and with anyone who might be interested.


Why an Equity Crowdfund and not Rewards?

This is an equity share crowdfund, meaning by investing, you will own shares in The Music Site. The more you invest, the more shares in The Music SIte you will own.

We want to make this a truly collaborative project and create a community of passionate like-minded people, and by making this an equity crowdfund, we feel this will bring together to create something everyone can all feel a part of.

What stage are you at already?

We have been building the core platform for over 2 years, from concept to Beta (where we are at now) and this is just the beginning.

The core platform has been built using a robust and scalable infrastructure which enables us to build upon over the coming years.

This crowdfund will allow us to take it to market, expand our team and more importantly, focus on adding all the features, tools and benefits to maximise this opportunity and potential.

 Here’s a link to see what we’re about and what we’ve done so far.

It sounds great for musicians, but what about for business?

We strongly believe that there’s a much bigger and broader picture when genuinely supporting and helping creators, rather than squeezing every penny out of them where possible. That’s just bad business.

We believe that building a relationship upon trust and transparency will be much more prosperous for both The Music Site and our artists, and hopefully the consumers can benefit too.

So it’s a win-win-win for all!

Is this like owning a piece of The Music Site?
Absolutely. By investing, you will own a share of the The Music Site, even if you invest as little as £10.
Are you SEIS and/or EIS registered for tax?

Yep, we’re pre-registered for both. Remember though, the first £150k of investments will get the SEIS benefit and after that you will be looking at EIS relief (which is still a 30% tax break!).

Check out what these are here if you’re not sure if/how these benefit you.

Is there a minimum amount I can invest?
The minimum amount you can invest is £10.
Can I invest more than once?

Absolutely! The campaign runs over 60 days, so for most people that that’s 2 pay-days (more if you’re lucky!), so it’s not uncommon for people to invest again when they can.

Often people invest again when they see more investments being made.

What due diligence is carried out for The Music Site to be ready for Crowdfunding?

[Taken from Seedrs.com]

“When a business submits an investment campaign to us, we conduct a comprehensive review process to ensure that everything they say is fair, clear and not misleading, and we only allow the campaign to go live if we’re satisfied with that review. Then, once a campaign has hit its target, we conduct a detailed legal due diligence process to ensure that the company is properly formed and that the investment is properly structured. This process can take a couple of weeks to a few months depending on the age and structure of the investee business. If we’re not happy with the outcome of that due diligence, we will cancel the investment and return your money to each investor.”


Am I protected? What Investor protections are there?

[Taken from Seedrs.com]

As your nominee, we enter into a subscription agreement with businesses before completing every investment. This contract, which is similar to the type of agreement that angels and venture capitalists enter into when they invest, provides you (and us) with a number of rights and protections. Unlike articles of association, this contract cannot simply be amended by entrepreneurs without consent from investors. This contract ensures that each investor receives the same rights and protections, regardless of their size, and means that investors get to share in the success of the businesses they believe in.

While each subscription agreement may be slightly different, it will generally include things like a requirement that the company provide information to investors on a regular basis (known as information covenants), a requirement that if the company is sold the investors are able to sell their interests alongside the founder (known as tag-along rights), anti-dilution rights which mean that investors are offered the chance to maintain their percentage shareholding in future rounds, and a number of other provisions.

In addition to the contractual protections, all shares issued through Seedrs are voting shares. In practice, however, the contract tends to matter more than shareholder votes, as the Seedrs investment will likely represent a small minority proportion of the overall shares of the company.


What makes The Music Site unique?
Can I invest if I don't live in the UK or Europe?

Although we are a global music platform, our Crowdfunding Campaign is only available to residents of the UK and Europe. which is also a BIG shame for us too as over half our fans are from outside Europe 🙁

BUT, we would still appreciate ANY other support like sharing this page with people who might be interested, even by simply Donating to our campaign without investing will support our mission. Learn how here >

But be sure to sign up for Beta because we’re a global music platform! Subscribe for Beta >

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