We believe artists should be respected and fairly rewarded for their work, so we’re building a place that aims to actively promote value, honesty and transparency in music, something we hope every musician and creative talent can feel part of.

More and more artists are self-releasing and enjoying success without the need for a record label deal, and this is made possible due to the tools available to independent musicians.

Every musician and creative, at any stage of their music career, relies on multiple tools and services to manage the various tasks needed to succeed in today’s digital music environment.

This includes releasing music, collecting royalties, selling merchandise, finding gigs, getting in front of new (and existing) fans, collecting fan data, staying socially active and a whole load more.

As a result, we believe the digital music industry has become overcrowded, and for many it’s overwhelming and inconvenient to keep track of all the tools available, not to mention the multiple logins and individual costs.

The Music Site answers this problem by providing an ever-growing suite of tools to support the many areas of a successful music career, and we’ll be offering all these tools at an incredibly affordable monthly subscription which is convenient, saves time and money.



We’re developing our patent pending ‘fair-play’ music subscription model where artists and creators can earn a higher payout per-play than what is the current norm, also allowing them to communicate directly with their listeners. We also have many more ways to earn money through The Music Site, in fact, there will be 11 ways artists can generate income within the platform.


We’re challenging the norm with pricing because ‘that’s just the way it is‘ doesn’t wash with us. We will strive to ensure our Pro subscription will always be a better-than-good deal, and we’ll be offering all Pro tools for just $/€/£9.99 a month which is great value, and we’ll be adding more tools regularly to make it even better value!


We think the digital music industry is far too fragmented and as a result is inconvenient and negatively affects our music experience. By consolidating music and related media, with social networking and musician tools all in one space, we aim to simplify the digital music industry, address the growing problem of fragmentation and create a much better music experience for everyone. Plus lowering the costs for creators by offering an ever-growing list of musician tools for just one simple price!


There is an ongoing problem with transparency in music, known as ‘the-value-gap’, where revenues are not being returned fairly to those who are creating and investing in music. We have a genuine passion to make a positive change within the music industry, support and foster creativity, and actively promote value, honesty and transparency in music.


  • To eliminate dependence upon multiple online music solutions by providing a single more efficient and socially engaging platform with consolidated and convenient access to the widest possible spread of music and related solutions.
  • To champion the cause for new music and to challenge the accepted regime.
  • To provide an environment for emerging artists & creative talents to improve, expose and promote their craft, with affordable resources and essential support.
  • To maintain and promote value, honesty and transparency at all times.


Our mission is to help artists and creative talents achieve their dreams and ambitions, to address the value-gap by helping artists earn money, save money and importantly, to keep more of what you do earn.

We already provide a focused music-centric route for exposure, helping artists showcase and monetize their music and related media in one place, for convenient access by every fan and any industry professional on the look-out for new music and new talent.

We have a ton of exciting features and tools to continually add more value and benefit as we grow and move forward including our own patent pending ‘fair-play’ music streaming.

As for essential services that we don’t provide in-house, we will only ever partner or recommend anyone we have vetted and consider to be genuine best value and most transparent.


We aim to be the centre of your music universe, the one place you’ll need to go for anything music, the one place to create your own global music identity.

Search new music and discover your next favourite band, check out regular new ‘Featured’ music and artists ‘In the Spotlight’, as well as other fans and users, pictures, videos, lyrics, events, tickets, merchandise, news, features, interviews... and more coming soon.

Create a profile that stands out from the crowd, upload your own music, your videos and pictures – you too can be added to the Featured & Spotlight!



We created a 360 music platform that supported a fair and transparent 'musiconomy' for the benefit of every musician, creative and music fan.

Unfortunately, without securing the essential investment needed to take the project forward, we decided to close the doors.

Thank you to everyone who supported us.

- The Music Site


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