Our heatwave might have come and gone but that doesn’t mean as Brits we won’t be forcing barbecues anytime the temperature rises slightly above freezing and the sun is out for over 5 minutes continuously. For all of these joyous occasions involving cooking sausages whilst someone holds a brolly over you and the rest of your mates hide under an Argos parasol. What a joyous time British summertime is.

Below we’ve put together a couple of the newest and best tunes to get you all in the summer mood.

Panic! At The Disco – High Hopes

Panic’s sixth album is completely Broadway inspired after frontman, Brendon Urie’s stint in Kinky Boots. Combining theatrics with the emo pop we’re all obsessed with is a recipe for success. ‘High Hopes’ is one of the biggest tracks from the new record, bringing rockstar bravado and Broadway drama. Brilliant combo.

Years and Years – Sanctify

Years and Years have returned with their sophomore album bringing more of their unique synth pop jams with an 80’s twist. ‘Sanctify’ is no exception as the lead single for the album, it’s catchy, it’s a bop and it’s all round one of the best pop tracks we’ve had in 2018.

Childish Gambino – Summertime Magic

Treat yourself to both new tracks from his Summer Pack. Words can’t be used to describe Childish Gambino, he turns every track to gold and has such a way with lyrics, production, every single thing. Get your fill of ‘Summertime Magic’ now before too many people start using lyrics as their Instagram captions and ruin it for you, though is it possible to ruin a Childish Gambino track designed to encapsulate the best feelings of summer? The jury is still out on that one.

Florence and The Machine – Hunger

A band that need no introduction. Florence’s music isn’t usually synonymous with summer or even happiness for that matter, but she’s a diverse talent that can take painful, personal stories and turn them into an anthem that gets thousands of people singing the lyrics right back at her. ‘Hunger’ isn’t your traditional summertime hit but it’s a deep, meaningful track that will keep the good vibes going.

Sigrid – Schedules

It’s been a good year for Scandinavia’s latest pop sensation, Sigrid. Festival after festival and hit after hit, Sigrid’s signature brand of pop is really taking the UK by storm. ‘Schedules’ is a follow up to her last big hit ‘High Five’ and the biggest to date, ‘Strangers’. ‘Schedules’ is really bloody good, its got catchy hooks, riffs, the light, airiness that summer pop needs and all round it’s yet another win from Sigrid.

Calvin Harris feat. Dua Lipa – One Kiss

It’s already become one of the biggest hits of the decade so there’s no wonder why it’s one of the biggest tracks of the summer, you’ll likely be hearing this one on the radio way into 2019 – and that’s not a problem because it’s so damn good. Is it Dua’s best track? Probably not, we’ve all heard ‘Be The One’, but is it an absolute home run? Completely.

Ariana Grande – God is a Woman

The amount of people I know in this industry who stay away from pop except for when it’s Ariana is astounding. There’s a reason for it, Ariana’s incredible voice coupled with her experimental pop tracks that always take a bit of a risk, and always pay off, make her for an all round appealing pop star. ‘God is a Woman’ is the crossover hit 2018 deserves.

Tom Grennan – Barbed Wire

Indie never sounded so smooth yet so raspy. Tom Grennan’s ‘Barbed Wire’ is one of the biggest and best hits from his debut album that dropped earlier this month. It’s catchy, it’s folky, it’s kinda upbeat but not at the same time – sort of the indie recipe for success.

Chvrches – Miracle

Scottish synth never sounded so good. Chvrches’ majestic return is welcomed, especially by myself as I’ve become completely obsessed with their latest album Love is Dead. Heavy synth blended with lead singer, Lauren Mayberry’s voice is a blend I can always get behind. If you have the chance to see these lot live, definitely do it. They’re absolutely fantastic, read more about it in our Parklife roundup.

Christine and the Queens feat. Dâm Funk– Girlfriend

Christine’s French pop really is something we need more of on our UK airways. And we also need more LGBTQ+ anthems, so thanks for coming through with this one Christine. Like a few of the aforementioned artists, Christine’s brand of pop lends beats and vibes from the 70’s and 80’s, we’re in a period of total nostalgia for the past and we’ll welcome more throwback hits with open arms, none more so than ‘Girlfriend’.

What tracks are you playing on repeat this summer? Let us know in the comments.