Ane Brun released her new album, Leave Me Breathless last week that includes her intimate cover of the late Tom Petty song, No Reason to Cry.

“One of my dearest friends asked me if I could do a Tom Petty song for this cover album,” explains Brun. “This gave me a fantastic chance to dig into his catalogue and I discovered some amazing tunes and lyrics! And even though I had not really consciously listened to his music, I soon realised I already knew and loved a lot of his songs from the 80s and beginning of the 90s. But I felt like continuing my treasure hunting, and I soon found this beautiful comforting love song ”No Reason To Cry” from the ”Mojo” album (2010). These lyrics are so moving to me. I´m so sad this great artist has left us. I believe he probably had lots of amazing music to give to the world.”

Ane’s seventh studio release feature songs handpicked by Brun that are full of love and romance, inspired by falling in love with someone new. Leave Me Breathless includes a Radiohead cover of How To Disappear Completely (listen) that she was asked to play at the funeral of one of the five people killed in the Stockholm terrorist attacks, a rendition of Nick Cave’s Into My Arms (listen) and Mariah Carey’s huge hit, Hero. (listen). The album also features intimate versions of classic works from Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, The Righteous Brothers, Joni Mitchell, Sade, Shakespears Sister and Mariah McKee and Tom Petty.

Listen to Ane Brun’s cover of No Reason To Cry below:

Order the album today from Balloon Ranger Records here:

Leave Me Breathless Track Listing:
1. “I Want To Know What Love Is”—original recording by Foreigner
2. “Always On My Mind”—original recording by Elvis Presley
3. “Unchained Melody”—original recording by The Righteous Brothers
4. “Hero”—original recording by Mariah Carey
5. “Show Me Heaven”—original recording by Mariah McKee
6. “Into My Arms”—original recording by Nick Cave
7. “Stay”—original recording by Shakespears Sister
8. “How To Disappear Completely”—original recording by Radiohead
9. “By Your Side”—original recording by Sade
10. “Girl from the North Country”—original recording by Bob Dylan
11. “No Reason To Cry” original recording by Tom Petty
12. “Right in Time”—original recording by Lucinda Williams
13. “Make You Feel my Love”—original recording by Bob Dylan
14. “Big Yellow Taxi”—original recording by Joni Mitchell