Following on from the release of their massive EP Temperature last summer, rock band Vulture Vibe have dropped the lead single, also named ‘Temperature’, and it’s video.

Who are Vulture Vibe? They’re a rock band still in their early years, having only come together in 2016. The Danish rockers’s sound reaches far and wide, as they put it. And after listening to their 2017 EP, Temperature, you can feel that for yourself. The trio claim their influences come from delta blues, soul music and psychedelic rock, they’ve then combined this with a modern approach to create the unique Vulture Vibe sound.

The single ‘Temperature’ opens with a slow, classic rock riff, it’s not only a solid opener for the track but for the EP as a whole. It’s a bit of a red herring though, as heavy guitar and vocals bang in seconds later and set the tone for what this tune really is, a great big, Royal Blood-ish cacophony. That’s to say, it’s intense instruments done really damn well.

The video is kept rather simple by focusing on each band member as they play ‘Temperature’ in what appears to be a candlelit Game of Thrones-esque setting, however that’s where the Westerosi similarities end. Later it’s revealed that this set is actually full of vintage lamps and rugs, much like you’d find at your gran’s house. Not exactly what you’d expect for a rock band, but this juxtaposition works almost worryingly well.

The simplicity of the video reflects the raw sound of the trio, they don’t really need much else to keep a viewer engrossed than that. The direction and editing is quite wonderful, they’ve taken a simple concept and wove an intricate video out of it’s execution.

Watch the video for ‘Temperature’ below.