This female artist has had gain on gain recently with her self-titled debut album but her single, ‘New Rules’ and now has achieved true stellar status as she has just rocketed to the top the UK singles chart, the first female to do so in the past two years.

This totally danceable, and gorgeously beat-based song led by the sensual, almost languid vocals makes it the perfect, stylish song to see us out of the summer.

Written in collaboration with Caroline Ailin, Emily Warren and Ian Kirkpatrick, the song has a breezy, luscious tone that begs you to move and feel every beat as you sway and yield to it.  It’s no surprise that Dua’s songs are bringing about such response and recognition as they are crafted in authenticity and emotive quality.  She has set her intention on being a strong artist without chasing after what may or may not be trendy, just being herself and delivering the kind of music that truly belies who is she.

And the result of that is a song worthy of the top of the UK singles chart of course.


Check out the music video for New Rules by Dua Lipa here: