Not many bands achieve some sort of status that is higher than a household name, but ska band Madness have done just that. First coming to fame in the mid ’70’s, Madness have created an absolute wealth of music, leading us to 2017, 41 years later with a brand new compilation album Full House – The Very Best of Madness.
There are many Madness compilations out there, and so Full House has left many fans a bit confused.  However this compilation isn’t one to be ignored, coming in at 42 tracks which is almost twice the length of their last greatest hits album, released in 2012. When you have such a huge back catalogue 42 songs can still sometimes not be enough. Sweetest Girl and Sorry are two absences noted by fans, but all of the biggest hits are included, my personal favourite being Night Boat To Cairo.
It is pretty airtight bar the few omissions mentioned above, meaning that it should be please longtime fans. This is an easy way for new fans to find themselves lost in the wonderful world of Madness, as these 42 songs span their entire career and give you more than just the essentials, like many greatest hits do. This might be a way for Madness to bridge the generational gap and earn themselves a whole new fanbase.
Unsurprisingly, the quality of the music is high. Madness are known for being wildly unique, energetic and fun, and this album manages to package all of that into one 3 hour listening extravaganza. There’s no doubt at all about how amazing the tracks on this compilation are, they’re the best of the best of a incredible 40 year career. The tracks deserve a perfect 10.
This is definitely a stellar collection consisting of decades of music for all fans to enjoy and one most certainly not to be missed.