‘The Flood’ is the brand new single from the stellar artist, Monelise and is due out on the 15th June.  It is for good reason that the visually stunning video has been selected for in-store screens in Topshop stores and boutiques around the UK; it is simply breathtaking.

Monelise is an artist who creates haunting and mesmerising compositions alongside classically inspired soundscapes which are then situated and developed into 21st century tone poems making a feast for the senses. Her music blurs the boundaries between classical and contemporary, lyrical and poetry, developing epic bridges between reality and dreams.  The tracks are well crafted and produce such large and vast sounds accentuated with delicate and articulate vocals.  There is a dreamy nature to her music that is a bit rapturous and allows you to sink right in.  She is an artist that clearly seeks to generate beauty in her sound but also formulating an image that resonates with the poetic essence she is putting forth.  Her music is altogether emotive and reflective and has a luminosity to it that lends a sense of calm to the atmosphere.

Having toured over 20 street pianos and traveled to Iceland to make an elemental and atmospheric music video, ‘The Flood’, in 2017, she is currently completing her Masters Degree in Popular Music at Goldsmiths University and performing at some of London’s ‘best kept secret’ venues.

Originally from St Petersburg (Russia) but having lived in other places such as Luxembourg, Houston, Texas and Edinburgh, you could say Monelise is worldly wise and well traveled making her artistic tapestry all the more rich and varied with all the inclusive threads.   With four performance at the Edinburgh Fringe, her music influences include Kate Bush, Bjork, Michael Nyman and Yann Tiersen to name but a few.

Live Dates:

Fri Jun 15th : Edinburgh Fashion Week

Jul 14th : Thamestown Music Festival, Oxfordshire

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