Monikers latest release, ‘Razor Thin Skin,’ is an eclectic electric track about the dangers of taking arguments a bit too personally. Low buzzy synths cut through the texture like knifes, contrasting the delicateness of the vocal melody. The combination of lush rock production and edgy electronic elements reminds us of LCD Soundsystem and MGMT, dueling lovable guitar riffage with danceable EDM beats. Often when in love, there is one person who is more sensitive than the other, wearing words like permanent battle scars. Monikers latest single is a biting and exciting, don’t miss out on ‘Razor Thin Skin.’

Monikers started with a text; a text from 2014 that was answered two years later in May of 2016.

Ben: “We still on to meet up this Saturday?”

Clay: “Hahaha sure.”

That weekend, Clay Milford and Ben Rowland did meet up, formed Monikers and wrote the entirety of their first song, Glacial Pace, within a few hours. They also managed to scrape together the bare bones of other tracks such as Nightmares, Victim List and Demons Behind It All; all songs appearing on their debut album, Mon1kers.

Both hailing from Oklahoma City, Ben and Clay have a polar opposite musical education that seems to intersect at just the right points. Ben, a classically trained pianist with a love for electronic music meets Clay, a play-by-ear guitarist whose heart lies in rock. This is the nexus where their music begins. With influences ranging from LCD Soundsystem to Cream to Foster The People to Santana to The Crystal Method and back again, Monikers brings a combination of sincere lyrics, candy coated walls of synth and cutting guitar riffs that have proven to appeal to the Millennial-EDM-festival-goer and Classic-Rock-dad alike.

Originally founded as a recording project, Monikers spent the spring and summer of 2017 playing shows in and around Oklahoma City, during which time they appeared on the local radio program The Oklahoma Rock Show, KOSU 91.7 FM as well as slots during the Norman Musical Festival and Paseo Arts Festival 2017.

Monikers is already back in the studio working on new material (poised for several late 2017/early 2018 releases) and ready to expand their reach to a regional level.

Listen to Razor Thin Skin via SoundCloud below: