Chicago native synth pop duo Peppermint Heaven are back with their sophomore album Curious Things. You may remember us having a catch up with Juno and Spark a few months ago whilst working towards this second LP, now it’s out for the world to see.

Curious Things opens with Sun Goes Down, not to be confused with the similarly named Arctic Monkeys track. It’s a great opener to start with, Sun Goes Down sets the album up for what’s to come, it’s iconically Peppermint Heaven.

Time Goes By is a bit more of a diverse track with heavy overlays on vocals, it feels a little jarring at first, but overall it’s a risky move that works. You is a much more upbeat track, and like many of the songs on this record, the 80’s influence can be recognised. Most of Curious Things wouldn’t feel out of place in Guardians of the Galaxy or in the famous Black Mirror episode ‘San Junipero’.

Hard World is the one of the better tracks on the album, pushing the boundaries lyrically, vocally and instrumentally. All round, it’s a bit more polished than the other tracks and is a great listen, it appeals to more than just 80’s fans.

Overall this is a diverse album showcasing the talents of the duo, however it could do with just a little bit more work on the production as the synth layered vocals can be a bit difficult to understand at times. Fans of 80’s electro synth will find a home in Curious Things and Peppermint Heaven’s back catalogue.

Stream Curious Things here.