From show to show over the years, Casey Donahew has built a loyal and devoted fan base in the U.S. country scene. 15 years in the industry have all lead up to this, Donahew’s latest release, 15 Years, the Wild Ride, 15 tracks spanning from the start of his career to now are included on this record; ‘Stockyards’, ‘Back Home in Texas’ and the huge hit, ‘3AM Gauge’ to name a few.

Why released a compilation of sorts now? “When I first started we didn’t have much money and really didn’t know what we were doing, but we knew we wanted to make something for our fans. So we went in and made Lost Days, our first record, and spent about $1500.00 doing one take with an acoustic guitar, bass and drums. We didn’t even have a lead guitar player, so we had a guy go in and go over the   top of the songs one time through. So there’s four instruments, one vocal, and no harmonies — it’s about as basic as you could get,” says Donahew.

All greatest hits/compilations albums should contain tracks of a high standard, if not, is it really a ‘greatest hit’? Donahew’s chosen a solid selection from the six studio albums under his belt, making it easy listening for those new to his music, and to country as a whole. Country music has been having a resurgence on both sides of the Atlantic, the UK especially, and now is as good a time as any for listeners to get to know the big names. And Donahew is absolutely one of them, he delivers on his 15 years of hard work with this record. From the opening of ‘Stockyards’ to the final track, ‘Angels’, it really is a wild ride.

More than anything, 15 Years , The Wild Ride is for the fans. This is for the people who have made his records climb the U.S. Country chart, it’s for them to hear the music he has so carefully crafted in a way that his success and position now allows them to be heard. He’s giving back in the best way possible, not new music, but old favourites recorded in a manner that is befitting to their legacy.

These songs have been with me a long time and they’re a part of who I am. It’s been a lot of fun to go back in the studio to record them the right way and pay tribute to my fans and celebrate the years.”stated Donahew. It’s safe to say he’s been successful here. Whether you’re new to his music or not, Donahew has released the perfect collection of his music in the way he wants it to be heard by the world.

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