US Singer/Songwriter JoAnna Lee’s new single, ‘Drinking By Myself’ is out on 27th November and its the new heartbreak anthem.  It will be sure to comfort and soothe many lonely hearts this coming festive season.  But, if you listen a little deeper,  this song will wrap you in JoAnna’s sultry vocals,  bringing into focus the message of the single about empowering yourself and not letting heartbreak bring you down.  This track is fully relevant and accessible making it appealing to any who have found themselves in a vulnerable state post break up.

It is the kind of song that warms you up on a cold night and makes you feel like you will be okay on your own.  And, her whole album has that anthemic nature to it.

Influenced by the likes of Stevie Wonder, JoAnna brings a unique array of sounds that characterise her rootsy R&B sound. Her original dream to be a Motown singer shines through in this song with smooth, powerful vocals and a passionate delivery.  She has a stripped back, open feeling to her music that feels authentic and raw.  What’s more, is you know she has put her heart into the back story of this track and it comes through effortlessly.  It conveys exactly what she feels and it comes across pure and true.  This is a modern song but somehow feels evocative of the songwriters of times past.

With songs like ‘Drinking By Myself’, coupled with earlier successes of her work , JoAnna has managed to carve out a niche for herself and generate a swelling fan base for her edgy acoustic-based pop, rock and soul hybrid vibe.  She is one to follow and we are excited to see what is next for her.


Listen to Drinking By Myself here!



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