Two friends from Tunbridge Wells formed ‘The New Coast’ last year. After a successful string of singles, and a feature on Spotify’s Fresh Finds, as well as massive online coverage from places like Wonderland, famed for their extensive celeb coverage, The New Coast are back with ‘Sleeptalk’.

‘Sleeptalk’ is the first single from the EP due in November, ‘My Kind of Medicine’. Layered heavy synth and some killer vocals dominate the track, though, rather than creating a hyped up, party atmosphere like most songs with this concoction, ‘Sleeptalk’ creates a dreamlike world to be lost in for a couple of minutes. Later in the song, there’s an acoustic breakdown, with such a focus on the vocals. Such a change would generally feel jarring, instead it feels natural and a part of a larger whole, perhaps a sign of what’s to come in the full EP?

The New Coast tell us more about ‘Sleeptalk’: “Writing ‘Sleeptalk’ felt massively cathartic for us and allowed us to explore a really personal moment in a cinematic, 3-minute pop song. Lyrically, for me, it pinpoints a delicate moment between two people, people who are just starting to get to know each other, but also notice these colourful and intense emotions in a very short period of time.

Even though the song is reliving a specific moment from last summer, I love the way that someone can take whatever personal vision and meaning they like from the lyrics. It almost feels necessary. I don’t think anyone is going to have the exact same sentiment sonically and lyrically, but thats the best part, its so expressive to create your own idealistic story from thewords. However, we like to make everything in our music feel cinematic and infectious, so we want to set the scene in peoples’ minds and hopefully it’ll take you to that place. Like you’re watching a cool movie with a soundtrack that sounds like your life.”