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Author: Dana Miller

Review: Don Broco at Norwich UEA Nick Rayns LCR | @DONBROCO

This is rock meets electro in a visceral, wondrous attack on the senses.  This is Don Broco.  And, it’s clear everyone is in agreement with me as the crowd bayed with anticipation when the lights were dropped at the UEA Nick Rayns LCR venue in Norwich on the 12th February, signalling the band slipping onto the stage. This venue holds great poignancy for the band, it’s where they performed their first ever gig as Don Broco itself.  So, it makes sense that lead singer, Rob Damiani screams out straight away, ‘Fine F***ing Fantastic to be here! Back to our...

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Catch Up With River Matthews And New Album, ‘Imogen’ | @RiverMatthews

River Matthews is an intensely talented musician and his songs have a luminous, magical quality that bathe the audience in a golden light when he is performing.  He draws inspiration from all facets of life and the authenticity subsequently oozes from his lyrics.  We caught up with him to discuss his mesmerising new album, ‘Imogen’ and what lies ahead in 2018.   Hi River, lovely to catch up with you again after meeting you for our interview at the Cambridge Folk Festival last year!  Did you enjoy the festival, the crowd truly loved your stunning performance (and so did...

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Interview with AKA George and New Single, ‘Manic Machine’ | @akageorge

When you experience instant and potentially life-drenching recognition and attention, you would expect the usual actions and attitudes to follow such instantaneous social media fame, but not with AKA George.  He has eschewed the normal route and kept working and writing at his regular pace and has just released his new single, ‘Manic Machine’ on the heels of his recent stand-out single, ‘Stone Cold Classic’.  We caught up with him to discuss the single, potential collaborations and what the year ahead holds for him.   Hi George, thank you for chatting with us, we are chuffed to be able...

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Catch Up With CC Smugglers In The Recording Studio For Upcoming Album | @ccsmugglers

Sitting in a cozy, warm converted Edwardian house now transformed into a recording studio in the suburbs of Manchester, we are all gathered in the kitchen while the band, the charming CC Smugglers, tuck into their daily communal meal, as I perch nearby to get the latest details of the band. This is a tight knit group, akin to a brotherhood really, and they meet each phase of the band’s evolution like they eat their evening meals, together as one.  The dedication to their music, each other and the progression of the band is beyond admirable (and enviable really)...

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Catching Up With The Moods | @themoodsmanc

There is a lot of love for the band, The Moods, and I speak plainly when I say I count myself among the many who see this band as a real treasure. The Moods have a huge, passionate following in Manchester and are gaining significant fan bases in many cities across the UK, following two 15 date UK tours last year plus a few festivals.  Along with many other gigs, the pinnacle was packing out the 02 Ritz in Manchester in December.  They gathered huge audiences in Glasgow, London, Liverpool, Blackpool, Preston, Bolton, Scunthorpe, Doncaster and Edinburgh throughout the...

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