Author: Dana Miller

Set Review: Jess and The Bandits at Under The Bridge in London | @JessAndTheBandits

Jessica Clemmons, lead singer of Jess and The Bandits, is full of true Southern charm.  But, don’t be disarmed by her easy nature, this woman is an authentic and seriously soulful, rocking country star.  When I saw the band’s set on Saturday night at Under The Bridge in London, I was struck by the powerful and anthemic nature of the band’s catalogue.  The music was loaded with personality and they displayed all the attributes of a strong, confident country band that will go very far.  Jess’ stage presence was deeply charismatic; you can plainly see that she is at...

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Interview: Headline Maniac at The Cambridge Rock Festival | @headlinemaniac

Headline Maniac are hard, charismatic and talented rockers who are totally at ease on stage and very crowd-pleasing.  Led by strong, raspy vocals and a visible camaraderie that powers the songs through.  These guys are cool personified and have the requisite prowess to go far. I saw them recently at The Cambridge Rock Festival and can say they did not disappoint.  They had the crowd in all smiles so much so that the audience wanted more and demanded an encore.  They came back in and performed ‘Born To Be Wild’ with a fast rhythm and rocking clear vocals which...

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Interview: The Last Great Dreamers | @lastgreatdreamers

The Last Great Dreamers are a classic group of talented, well-heeled rockers who are back together after some time apart and on tour whilst recording a new album.  I had the chance to discuss all that with guitarist Slyder Smith and also what it is to be a ‘glamorous rock band’! Tell me about how the band may have changed from when you originally got together to your comeback in 2014? I think if anything the band is stronger now, we’ve all grown up a lot & had more life experience & this certainly reflects in the song writing....

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Dua Lipa’s Single ‘New Rules’ Tops The Charts | @dualipaofficial

This female artist has had gain on gain recently with her self-titled debut album but her single, ‘New Rules’ and now has achieved true stellar status as she has just rocketed to the top the UK singles chart, the first female to do so in the past two years. This totally danceable, and gorgeously beat-based song led by the sensual, almost languid vocals makes it the perfect, stylish song to see us out of the summer. Written in collaboration with Caroline Ailin, Emily Warren and Ian Kirkpatrick, the song has a breezy, luscious tone that begs you to move...

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Interview: JFK Blue at The Cambridge Rock Festival | @JFK4Blues

JFK Blue are just as described, a band with an undercurrent of blues but with a good helping of rock.  They are relaxed and smooth with some songs certainly crossing over into various incarnations of rock and even a bit of pop rock or jazz.  When I caught their set last week at The Cambridge Rock Festival, it was plain that these are strong musicians and solid performers with a rocking and diverse list of songs to play to which the audience truly responded.  I sat down with Les Fleischman, the bassist, to discuss how this band found each...

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