Author: Dana Miller

Interview with The Moods Following End of Tour | @themoodsmanc

The Moods are a group of genuine artists that are truly a movement, a force, that compels you to take notice.  Such talent has brought them to attention of many this year and created a loyal band of followers to adore on them as is right.  So, after an amazing tour celebrating their album, ‘Missing Peace’, I chatted with rapper Kolega, about the year in review and what 2018 is looking like already. You guys have had an absolutely epic year touring and gigging, I had the pleasure to see you at one of your London shows which was...

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Interview: The Brothers Osborne On UK Tour | @brothersosborne

I sat perfectly transfixed listening to the cool, clean delivery of the duo that is The Brothers Osbourne, as they oozed musical authenticity, (which can be an all too often rarity in music these days) so much so I kept getting a little lost in the sway.  That’s the occupational hazard here…when you are drawn into the music to such an extent and forget you are there as an observer, not a fan.  But, in truth, I am an enormous fan.  How could I not be? The Brothers Osborne make being stunning musicians and songwriters look effortless.  Their set,...

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Interview: The Cadillac Three On Tour For Album ‘Legacy’ | @thecadillac3

I really don’t know where to begin when I am tasked with interviewing a band I already deeply love.  But, here I go… The Cadillac Three are not just a southern country rock band, they are the total personification of southern country rock cool and the standard by which others like them should be measured.  Their gritty, yet smooth sound flows naturally and unforced.  You can tell, for them, it’s in the blood.  They are as authentic as it comes.  It is something that can only be fully understood and appreciated when you hear them live.  The energy of...

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Interview: The Downes Braide Association

The Downes Braide Association, comprised of Geoff Downes (Yes, Asia) and Chris Braide (singer/songwriter) are releasing their third album, ‘Skyscraper Souls’ this month.  I discussed with each of them about the details of their collaboration for the album, on which neither of them were ever together during the recording of it, proving the adeptness of their skill and wonders of modernity! Geoff Downes: (For more about YES, see the article, ‘Interview With Geoff Downes’) How did you two decide to come together as a duo? Well, I met Chris Braide about seven years ago.  Chris was apart of some...

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Interview: Biff Byford Of Saxon Talks About Upcoming New Album | @saxon

As legendary group, Saxon, prepare the release of their epic anthology album, ‘Decade of the Eagle’ lead singer Biff Byford took time to reflect on the band’s history, the process of creating music and the busy upcoming year ahead. Saxon is a purist metal band, has it always been easy to stick to that ethos given the constant change in music culture?  It seems there has been a resurgence of heavy metal in recent years… Yeah, I mean, it’s gonna be a problem to stay on a straight and narrow, I think we have gone through a period of...

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