Author: David Thomas

An Interview With Alt-Pop Band FLAWES | @flawes

We caught up with alt-pop band on the rise FLAWES and asked them about their start together, some of the highlights so far, and what’s coming up next.   To the Josh’s, you’re childhood friends, did you ever see yourself in a band like this when you were younger?  Yes definitely, we’ve always aspired to be in a band, to tour the world and make music. You guys have done so much since the release of your EP two years ago, any standout moments? I think playing at Radio 1’s Big Weekend has to be the biggest highlight, that...

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An Interview With RJ Thompson Ahead Of His New Album | @rjthompson

A few months ago we had a chat with singer/songwriter RJ Thompson whilst he was deep in work on his latest album ‘Echo Chamber’, now with it’s release around the corner, we had to see how he was doing. We last spoke in June, how’d the summer treat you? Yeah… really busy. I spent it finishing the album, and most importantly, welcoming my 2nd kid into the world. Your album ‘Echo Chamber’ is gearing up for release, how were the last few months of work on it? Hectic, but worthwhile. It’s the fastest I’ve ever made a record… only...

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London’s Country Star Binky On Her Latest Video | @binkyofficial

Ahead of the release of the video for her debut single ‘Fireflies’, we caught up with a trailblazer on London’s country scene, Binky. How did you fall into country when growing up in London? Is there much of a scene here? When I first started singing I attended many open mic nights around my local area in Essex and many of the singers from an older generation mentioned that I had a country twang. For me as a young girl from Essex, I didn’t know too much about country. However, more people continued to mention this “Twang”, so I...

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An Interview With Tom Dibb About His Debut Album And Unique Tour Schedule

This week we were able to catch up with Tom Dibb, campervan adventure and singer/songwriter all about the release of his record Ground Up. Congratulations on the release of your debut album, Ground Up, how has it been making it? Thanks Kindly, Its been a long time in the making really, if we’re going from writing through to release. There’s songs from my earliest writing days that I never had the opportunity to record, to works of recent months, and tales of all the adventures in between, hence the title ‘Ground Up’. From the recording point of view its...

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Dweezil Zappa channels Frank in London

London’s Royal Festival Hall is a historic place, one that’s played home to podcasts about pornography, and in coming weeks, Hillary Clinton herself. This week it hosted Dweezil Zappa’s latest tour project ’50 YEARS OF FRANK: DWEEZIL ZAPPA PLAYS WHATEVER THE F @%K HE WANTS   Son of the 70s jazz-rock legend Frank Zappa, Dweezil is celebrating 50 years of his father’s iconic discography on a tour spanning multiple continents, stopping in some venues his Dad played in previously – including the Royal Festival Hall. Dweezil said it’s special to play somewhere his father did, he says ‘it’s like...

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