Jim Morrison Laying on the Stage During a 1968 Concert for The Doors.

On September 15th 1968 The Doors were playing at Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, although the show didn’t go to plan. Before the evening’s show, The Doors were joined by Jefferson Airplane in walking to the red light district where they were plainly recognised by fans. Fans were offering the bands herbal drugs which they sampled or kept for later on, however Jim Morrison consumed everything he was given there and then.

Later on, Jefferson Airplane were on stage first as the opening act. While playing ‘Fantastic Plastic Lover’ Jim Morrison walked on stage and started twirling in circles, most likely due to the drugs he’d taken during the day. Jefferson Airplan, annoyed by what was happening, started playing faster to persuade Morrison to do the same. As the song reached its peak, Morrison stopped and looked at Airplane front man Marty Balin, before crashing to the floor and passing out.

Annoyed that they were one man down, The Doors preformed as a trio with keyboardist Ray Manzarek singing. The show was said to be brilliant that evening and the band were given an ovation by the audience.

Jim Morrison was rushed to hospital but released the next day, allowing The Doors to continue their European Tour.