A female duo with attitude, Lowla are a new pop act looking to take things back to basics – creating music that makes you move. Their pop sound is immediately accessible, well matched to the personality of the young ladies in question – Lara and Lo, who answered a few questions below to mark the release of single ‘Reckless’.

Where and when did you first discover your interest in music?


Lara: Growing up, my parents were very musical. My mum sang and my dad played bass. They listened to bands like Van Morrison, Dylan, The Jam etc. I started out on the cornet :-)


Lo: Same here. My parents however didn’t play any instruments, but encouraged me to pick up one as early as five – the recorder.


  1. What are your main ambitions in the industry?


We’d like people to enjoy our music. We hope to inspire other girls to pick up the more technical aspects in music. Ultimately, a tour would be nice and supporting some good artists. LOWLA are all about playing live and being able to be full time musicians is the dream.


  1. When did you start writing your own songs/music?


We got together at the end of 2015, but have been writing music before.


  1. What would you say is your music career highlight to date?


Actually, Jools Holland just confirmed a slot on his show. – Yeah, we wish!


  1. Who will we hear in your songs? What are your influences?


Spice Girls, Fugees, Alanis, Jurassic 5, Salt N Peppa, Wu Tang, En Vogue, Mariah Carey, TLC and Janet Jackson.


  1. What’s the most important thing you’d want to tell people about your current release?


Play it loud. Forget your worries. And dance your heart out. Then cry some more and let go of whatever holds you back!


  1. Who else can you recommend from your genre or local area for people to have a listen to?


Right now, we like to listen to Blood Orange, Kygo, Grimes, Charli XCX and Ms Mr.


  1. Any gigs coming up?


Not just yet, but you’ll get front row seats when we do. Promised :-)


  1. Where can we find/follow you online?


We love people to say hi. So come and find us here: