The Blue PoetsThe Blue Poets are a blues rock band out of Germany, headed up by blues guitar mainstay Marcus Deml. Deml has been instrumental in the resurgence of blues and blues rock in European blues scene. The guitar virtuoso has been compared to Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix and even Clapton. Formerly heading up the bluesier Errorhead, known in his hometown of Hamburg and beyond, Deml now brings his years or experience and guitar prowess with him to The Blue Poets on his new project’s debut self-titled album.

“With Your Eyes”, is a one of the few tracks on the album which is pure blues distilled. Slow, soulful and melodic, the only blues rock fusion somes in with Deml’s extraordinary solo. His rhythm secton, comprised of Felix Dehmel and Phil Steen, don’t enter the track until said solo, around 3:35, but they add some rock backing to Deml’s slow, smoky, yet quintessentially rock Fender. Before this point, it is just Deml and vocalist Gordon Grey. Grey’s smoky, soulful vocals are emotive, evocative and very blues-tinged. On this track they are, however, a bit more measured than in some of the more rock-centric, fast-paced songs on the album, such as “Goodbye”. There is a restraint in Grey’s voice here which is understandable given that being pitch-on is so important in such a quiet song where Deml’s guitar is so faint it can almost seem as though Grey is singing a capella. That said, however, the other key component to blues is playing and singling with abandon and a looseness which is not fully achieved on this track. It’s a tough balance, which is why blues is such a difficult genre to tackle. This tightness in Grey’s voice doesn’t detract from the track’s soul too much, however, and it’s still a beautiful piece both in composition and performance.

Overall, The Blue Poets’ debut is a well-formed album and it seems Deml has found like-minded musicians in Grey, Steen and Dehmel with whom he can really express the emotions behind his fabulous blues guitar skill. The video for “With Your Eyes” is available to view below, or on Deml’s Youtube page, where he’s also posted another music video for the band’s other single, “Goodbye”, as well as some fun behind the scenes clips. The Blue Poets’ full-length album can be purchased on itunes.