Fllen Asunder are an emo metal band whose permanent members include childhood friends Ryan Batturs and Josh Weaver. For those in the UK who don’t know about emo metal, it was a hugely popular genre in the early noughties on the eastern seaboard of the U.S. It was popularized in some measure by reality Jackass star, Bam Margera, Margera is from a neighbouring town to Lncaster, PA, where the frends of Fallen Asunder grew up. Since Margera’s extolling bands like H.I.M., many like-minded bands sprang out of the same area. Emo metal has waned since then, but Fallen Asynder aim to revive it with their debut self-titled album, released in October.

The lead single on said debut album is called “Meant for So Much More”, with a correspnding video posted on the band’s Youtube channel on October 17. First impressions of this single will be that the emo and the metal are not so blended in this single. It may have been intentional, but lead guitarist Weaver opens the track with a clear death metal chord progression. When Batturs somes on to sing, however, there is a somewhat jarring change in tone.

To be clear, said tone change is jarring because it doesn’t match the metal bedrck laid by the lead guitar and drums. Furthermore, Batturs’ vocals really wouldn’t match and music, genre notwithstanding. It’s emo-leaning, but emo depends on quite melodic vocals, which Batturs simply does not have. He vacillates between screaming and singing with total randomness and no regard to where the rest of the band is in te track. The effect is dissonance of no merit. The track seems to attempt a sort of AFI-meets-Avenged Sevenfold, but with Batturs at the vocal helm, this effect was not achieved with “Meant fir So Much More”.

Despite Batturs and Weaver being long-time friends, Fallen Asunder will need to have a new vocalist to gain any purchase in emo metal if “Meant for So Much More” is anything to go by. Weaver is a well-heeled metal guitarit and coould probably shine in any genre. Batturs himself is not a bad guitarist, but vocals are jut not his strong suit when it comes to combining emo with metal. Fallen Asunder is available to stream or purchase on the band’s Bandcamp page.