Both Digital Order’s Soundcloud comments and the band themselves compare their new single, “On Our Way” make the to Led Zepplin and Black Sabbath, but there is something quite modern and almost, well, cuddly about this single. The Perth group who crowdsourced their tracks in 2014 are showing more sensitivity and diversity on the new track, and it seems fans are loving it.

“On Our Way” combines heavy guitars with vocal sensitivity and modern electronic production
to create something that sounds like a cross pollination of Led Zepplin, Bon Iver and Muse. Andy Beerly’s guitars wind back and forth between folksy acoustic and big ballad rock while Shane Ariti’s vocal tone is heart-rending and uplifting at the same time. Keyboardist Will Cruz clinches the sound for this single by supplying echo effects and a subtle background synth that pulls the whole track together.

Digital Order became known in 2014 for crowdsourcing production on their tracks in order to keep the band going. Two years later, it seems they’re becoming known even more for their unique and sensitive treatment of classic sounds and techniques and for their musical diversity. By the looks of it, Digital Order are well on their way to establishing a unique sound for themselves while exploring many styles and genres along the way. “On Our Way” is available to stream and purchase on Bandcamp along with many of Digital Order’s other tracks.