River Matthews is an intensely talented musician and his songs have a luminous, magical quality that bathe the audience in a golden light when he is performing.  He draws inspiration from all facets of life and the authenticity subsequently oozes from his lyrics.  We caught up with him to discuss his mesmerising new album, ‘Imogen’ and what lies ahead in 2018.


Hi River, lovely to catch up with you again after meeting you for our interview at the Cambridge Folk Festival last year!  Did you enjoy the festival, the crowd truly loved your stunning performance (and so did we)!

Ah Cheers! You know, I really loved playing the Cambridge Folk Festival. The crowd were just amazing… I was blown away at how many people were listening and got into the songs. And the lovely things people came up to me and said after the performance. Really touched by that.


You must be thrilled about the release of your album, ‘Imogen’…the songs are simply beautiful…

Thank you, I appreciate that. And yeah, I’m pretty chuffed! It’s been a long time coming and I’m just incredibly lucky to be working with all the people I’m working with… all the people who have helped make it what it is, everyone’s put their heart into it.


I also read that you will be touring in the States, are there any shows you are looking forward to there in particular? (You are performing a few dates in my home state of Texas-sure you will enjoy your time there, especially Austin!)

I am yeah, I’ll be over there when the album comes out actually. To be honest I’m looking forward to all of it! I mean, I love New York so I’m looking forward to playing there. But I’m also playing Spokane… and Ray LaMontagne sings about that place in Jolene, so I’m secretly looking forward to touching down there!


When you are touring and travelling, are you still creating new music or lyrics or do you leave that for quieter times?

That’s a good question… sometimes a melody or a line might come to me when I’m out playing a show, but generally I like being quiet for that stuff.


What do you have planned for the rest of 2018 after your US tour? 

I’ll be back in the UK for a string of shows and a few festivals. And I plan to start adding more songs to the next album.


And looking further ahead, what are your long terms plans?

You know I just wanna get better at songwriting. I wanna travel more and work with more beautiful people.


Listen to tracks from his new album here!