Following the release of their amazing single, ‘Purple Blood’,  we had the pleasure to catch up with the UK duo, Amethysts, and learn more about their evolution, musical inspiration in finding their sound, and upcoming plans.

How do you guys come together as a group?

We met during school (7 years ago) and when I (Simon) first saw Clarice sing I really wanted to make a band with her, I just remember thinking how stupidly talented she was! And we have been playing music ever since. 

Amethysts came about after many years of both of us being in and out of other sounds until we found our own sound. A sound we were both happy with and which felt right. 

What was your inspiration for ‘Purple Blood’, was it a particular experience that either of you had?

‘Purple Blood’ is about our personal struggles over the last year, but how ultimately it has made us more determined and stronger!

How did you find the writing and recording process?

We are lucky enough to have a home studio so it makes our recording and writing process very personal and allows us to experiment a lot. Most of our songs tend to come about by us jamming with synths and guitar loops. Purple Blood seemed to all come together quickly and fall into place naturally. 

How did you find your sound together or did it just evolve into what it is today?  Did you always see your music being as it is now?

We’ve spent a long time messing around with different variants of music styles for the past 7 years and have been in and out of several bands, but Amethysts just feels right to us.

We tend to have always been on the same wavelength musically and I think this has helped our music evolve and develop into something we really love to make. 

Are you planning any gigs to follow up the release?

We’ve had a great reaction to the single and recently played a few sets at Secret Garden Party as well as some sessions for BBC introducing and Sofar Sounds. 

We’re playing the Hunters Club – Bury St Edmunds July 29th and then we have a few headline shows in London – The Finsbury 3rd August and East Of Eden 17th September. We’re also playing Powow festival 5th August

What is next after this?  Where would like to things to go next?

We’re releasing a music video for ‘Purple Blood’ very soon and we have some very exciting stuff in the pipeline. At the moment we’re writing lots and have some new music that’s nearly ready… expect more new music from us very soon!