Dol Vita is a talented and unique songstress whose music has a luminous and yet vulnerable quality that draws inspiration from the sounds of jazz and blues.  I recently discussed with her about her origins, her distinctive look as a performer, and what is coming up next.

When did you know that you wanted to be a performer and create music?

It’s just something I always knew even as a kid, I felt like it was built into me. I remember from a really early age, maybe 4 or 5, putting on shows with other kids for my parents and their friends/guests. We would sing and dance to Spice Girls tracks and Queen. I later ended up going to a performing arts boarding school as a teenager and took part in many musicals, plays and shows and this really made me realise how much I truly enjoyed performing and that I couldn’t imagine doing anything else in life. Performing became my outlet and way to escape or express myself and as I grew up and got older, I really loved the fact that I could take all my influences and feelings and make my own art that represented a part of me.

Your new single, ‘Dream’ is simply stunning and haunting, what inspired you to pen the track?

Thank you, that’s a lovely way to describe it. I love that word though, haunting. There’s definitely a deeper darker side to me which was fun to portray in both the song and video but I guess lyrically it’s about how that when I dream I feel like I travel to far away dark places, maybe like astral projection if that doesn’t sound too crazy. My dreams have always been very memorable, lucid and vivid from a young age. They feel so real sometimes I often confuse dreams with real life and vice versa so this song was my way of trying to explain them.

You have such a glamourous and distinctive look, have you always lent towards vintage and retro styles?

Most definitely, I have always been very drawn to classic beauty, art and icons from the past. When I was about 10, I remember going to a friend’s fancy dress birthday party as Marilyn Monroe because I thought she was the epitome of beauty. I then for my (I think again 10th) Birthday, had a 1960’s themed party so I could dress up! I always loved shopping in vintage or charity shops as a teenager because I would find beautiful one of pieces that stood out but also because they felt like a link to the past. I’ve always felt a weird connection to the past, especially the 40’s and 50’s.

Have you got more material written for a full album?

I have quite a bit of other music written and demos that we’ve made that are ready to record, but I think that if I was to make an album, I would write it as a fully new project and concept as I believe an album should tell a story and be a well thought out piece of art. The music I have made and am making at the moment is still very experimental and every song to me sounds and it written differently. I feel like i’m still exploring my sound and i’m enjoying the journey and process. There will definitely be some more singles coming soon though!

What music do you find spurs your imagination, who do you gravitate to?

I would have to say jazz and blues, I listen to a lot of Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong but also love swing like Benny Goodman. No music makes my body want to move more than jazz, it makes me feel electric sometimes and definitely takes over. I get very inspired listening to jazz artists, the lyrics are usually really poetic and beautiful which inspires me to express myself also. When the lyrics aren’t there in the song then the instruments take over and it can take me so wonderful places.

What is next for you in 2018?

For me 2018 is about growing and becoming a better person musically and just in life really! I want to release another few singles and make some more visual art, definitely another music video! Most importantly though, I want to try and connect with more people, make music and art with them and learn new things about myself. I’d like to get to the end of 2018 and look back, knowing that i’ve improved myself and my art. This journey is so exciting and its one I never have to stop.

Check out her video for ‘Dream’ here:

(Photo Credit – Samuel Richard Burden)