Indira May has a lovely bluesy, laid-back vibe to her sound that draws you in quick and won’t let you go.  I caught up with her recently to chat about her origins in music, what inspires her and what is coming up next.

How did you come to find this style of music, was it an organic evolution?

Growing up I listened to all types of music, but in the last few years its been predominantly Jazz, Blues and Hip Hop.  I think what you listen to on a regular basis has a massive influence on what you write, well for me it does anyway.  I actually used to write quite folky sounding stuff…I still do sometimes.

Your new single, ‘Strange’ is so wonderfully natural yet bluesy, how did that song come about?

I wrote that song in my bedroom, when I first moved to Brighton and everything was a bit overwhelming.  It’s about when someone treats you badly, and you keep on letting them repeat their bad behaviour.  But, I am not telling you who that ‘someone’ is!

How do you find the music scene in Brighton, did it inspire you to find your sound?

The music scene here is real good.  There’s so many gigs, open mics, and people just wanting to make their music.  I think Brighton definitely helped hone my sound, but also inspired me to be more daring with my music.  Growing up in the countryside, in the middle of nowhere, as an only child, had its limitations.  But now all my friends and housemates are musicians-so there is never a quiet moment.

What other artists fuel your imagination and provoke you to write more?

Errr…so many! At the moment, I’m a massive fan of IAMDDB – she’s a strong female icon and is just pushing all the boundaries.  I love it.  Also, a rapper called Noname.  Her lyrics are perfect.

Have you got an album coming out?

Yes.  I’ve got a four-track project coming out, with a little video on the side.  But, I wrote that aaaages ago (even though no one’s heard it), so there’s some new stuff I’m planning on releasing too.

What touring plans do you have this year?

I’ve got some gigs and festivals lined up this year.  I’ve got a gig in Bristol this month, that’s run by Cosmic Soul Collective – check them out, they’re really cool.  I’ve also got a gig in Camden in April, supporting a singer called Enné.  A festival I am really looking forward to playing is Sonder Affair.  The line up is really good, so yeah, check that out as well.

Check out her upcoming single here: