With the 9th June release of their debut album, Silence, Auction For The Promise Club have produced a highly captivating and hypnotic collection of songs that demonstrate their commitment to creating music that is intricately powerful.  To discuss their new album, and other things like ‘Grunge Pop’, in further detail, I spoke with the band about it all.

How did you guys get started in music and how did you come together as a group?

Zoe and Perran met through a mutual friend called Kenver.  Kenver had heard Zo singin and playing acoustically and he knew Perran was keen to have a jam.  Toby got involved a little later when they had some songs together and things got progressively louder!

Now that Silence has been released and you can be a bit reflective, how do you feel about the writing and recording process?

It’s a work in progress since we became a band, a development that has been quite an experience.  We have learnt so much.

Where did most of the subject matter come from? Was all of the writing collaborative?

Most of the writing comes from Zo, sometimes a full song with lyrics, sometimes just a riff, sometimes a jam together that evolves into a song.  Sometimes Perran comes with a song.  We mess around with them until we feel happy and enjoy playing the song.

Was your sound organic or did you evolve into what you are putting out now?

Our first EP was produced with a very much ‘pop’ based producer so it had that influence.  Our sound has generally had the rockier edge to it…We have been called ‘Grunge Pop’ recently!?!

Are you planning any gigs this summer? Any ones in particular you guys are looking forward to?

We aren’t gigging that much right now but keep an eye on our Facebook page for the Autumn tour and some more festivals, etc.  We are playing at Leopallooza on the 30th July which is always a blast!

What other artists inspire you?

Radiohead, Bjork, Nick Cave, Foals, Polica

What’s up next for you guys?

30th June is another album release party this time in North Devon (St Mary’s Hall Appledore).  We have another video coming out soon for the B-Side to the ‘See Through’ 7” single.  The track is called ‘You Don’t Love Me’ and the video is an animation done by a friend called Adam Taylor.  After that we have another single from the album called ‘City’ and a video to follow and also a cheeky little single after that ?


Check their video, ‘Moonlight’ here: