The charming and wonderfully talented band Sphynx are here in the UK touring from hometown Austin, Texas and sharing their magically crafted new single, ‘Patterns’ to welcoming crowds.  I had the chance to discuss with them how they are finding the UK and its audiences, touring plans ahead and how the rest of the year is shaping up.

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time chat while on tour here in the UK!

Absolutely! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. It’s a dream to be here.

I bet you might be missing a little home comfort food in the way of Tex-Mex while here, somewhere like Torchy’s maybe? (Spoiler:  I’m orginally from Texas!)

A fellow Texan, it’s great to cross paths here! It’s true; we’re complete taco addicts (Torchy’s is unreal!) – being from Texas you know how we eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We try to load up on al pastor, salsa, guacamole and queso before leaving for any tour and that was certainly what happened before flying to London. We’ve been enjoying the food here too though, we’ve had fish and chips, bangers, and some fantastic Indian food. We’re foodies and love to try new spots when we’re on the road. That said, we’ll be getting some Mexican food when we land back in Austin.

How are you finding the music scene here as opposed to Austin’s hip vibes on 6th Street and South Congress (SoCo) areas?

We’ve been taken aback by the attentiveness of our audiences here so far. There’s been a big difference in the way our people here experience music versus clubs in Austin. In Austin it’s typical to play over a rowdy crowd who might drift around the bar talking and drinking while the bands on. Here, when the set starts, people are locked in and paying attention, it’s not like they aren’t dancing and enjoying themselves as much as our US crowds, but there’s definitely an attention to the music that’s been really inspiring. Live music here seems to be more of a focal point whereas in Austin it’s sometimes a part of the atmosphere.

Tell me about your single, ‘Patterns’ it has a lovely groove going.  How did the song come about and what is the back story?

We love to mess around with disco grooves and that’s how ‘Patterns’ started. We each do a lot of songwriting and when someone comes up with a track that sounds Sphynx-y, we’ll start bouncing it back and forth on Dropbox and adding layers and arrangement ideas. That’s the case with ‘Patterns’, it’s a track we’ve been messing with for about a year and have cut a few iterations of. The hook for the song came quickly and a lot of the work was arranging the music and lyrics to work with it. It’s a love song written from the point of view of someone who can’t be with their lover because of decisions they’ve made. Cory does our mixing and mastering and spent a lot of time making adjustments; it was definitely worth the work. The process of working a song to completion can be arduous but it’s definitely something we’ve come to enjoy!

Was it easy to find your sound of ‘space glam’ or did it have to evolve to into that?

It was definitely an evolution. We’ve been friends since we were kids and grew up together playing music of all sorts of genres. We had punk bands, psychedelic bands, and folk bands and settled on Sphynx around 9 years ago but it was a process to settle into the sound we have now. We grew up writing music that wasn’t made for dancing and dance parties have always been a part of what we wanted to do with Sphynx. Creating dance music as writers was a process. Combining futuristic space grooves with elements of retro music we love like glam, psychedelic, and soul has been a slow development as well. It’s taken a lot of songs but fortunately writing music is our favorite thing to do!

When are you planning on releasing more singles?

As soon as we can! There’s many more songs written and set for release this year and we’re trying to release a new single every month or two, coalescing in an album later this year. We’ve got a lot of videos planned for the year as well, so there’s plenty in the pipeline. We’ve got a full week of shows at SXSW when we land in Austin but afterwards we plan on diving headfirst into the next single.

You have more touring planned for this year, any dates you are particularly looking forward to?

Right now, we’re probably most looking forward to the rest of our shows in the UK. Growing up writing music together we’ve dreamed of touring internationally since we were kids and it’s been surreal to look around this week while we’re heading to gigs and remember that we’re playing shows in the UK where so much of the music that’s inspired us has come from. We are planning on another UK trip before the year is up and are looking forward to that! In the immediate future we’ve got a marathon week at SXSW which will be a gauntlet and a couple festivals at colleges in Texas along with MusikFest in Pennsylvania which is always a blast!

What does the rest of 2018 hold for you?

A lot of writing, recording, and shows! We have a big vault of music to dig through for singles and collaborations and are constantly writing. We’ve also planned a lot of videos for the year which we’ll start shooting after SXSW. One of our big goals right now is to grow our footprint in the UK so we are working on a return trip as soon as possible and would love to continue to build on the relationships we’ve made here. We try to outdo our creative output every year and hopefully we can stay on pace to do that in 2018!

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