The new EP, ‘Love One Another’, by singer/songwriter Brian Falduto, has just been released  on the 13th June with strong praise surrounding it.  However, the name Brian Falduto may seem familiar for quite another reason.  At the age of 11, he was cast in the movie, School of Rock, alongside Jack Black.  After that, he was then set on a path to being an artist and a performer which then led him to get dual degrees in Theatre Performance and Arts Administration.  Now, his new EP has demonstrated his mastery in songwriting and fluid vocals that clearly state his talent and forward focus.  I had the opportunity to discuss his EP in further detail.  What’s clear from chatting with him is his intention to focus on penning more music and satisfying his internal need to be artistic through that music.

D:  What has been your inspiration for your EP ‘Love One Another’?

B:  I take most of my inspiration from personal experience, much of it revolving around love & relationships, dating, heartache, etc.  These songs that are on the EP have been written over the           course of the past year.  Nothing was forced in the efforts to make this particular EP.  I knew I wanted to move forward with recorded music and these songs just seemed to go together in the       most sensible way.  Out of what I’ve written, they also seemed to be the songs that were most viable to submit to the world as acoustic pieces on this acoustic EP.   I wrote the song “Turn That       Song Back On” recently as a response to the current climate of the world; it’s where the title Love One Another comes from.  I knew that I wanted to debut my songwriting with this message         and then from there it was just about picking the songs that best filled out the rest of album.

D: How did you find the recording process?

B: Honestly?? A little tedious! I’ve done tons of voiceover work and other recording projects over the years but I never had to be the final ears on any of that. We (myself and my friend Michael        Benjamin Bunin) did a good amount of the mixing for this record ourselves … recording all of the different elements of the song individually and then listening back to everything repeatedly        to make sure all the levels are where they need to be, etc.  I won’t narrate the entire process because it’s very boring …and I’m sure it comes easier for some but for a perfectionist like myself,        it is very hard to look at something you did and give the final approval because like, yeah, I could always be better: I’m human. But don’t get me wrong, as tedious as it was, it was enjoyable.          The people I worked with were amazing and the creative process of course never lost it’s appeal.  It’s just the technical aspects that make me want a glass of wine.

D: Did you find the writing process very fluid and easy to get down?

B: Yeah!  Song lyrics & melodies tend to come to me fairly quickly and then it’s just about finding the right combination of chords or arrangement to bring it to conclusion.  If a song isn’t coming       to me easily, I might give it some extra time and effort but most likely I’ll just toss it.  I don’t like to force anything.

D: What are you listening to yourself this summer?

B: I’ll make this easy for you, haha – *pulls up iTunes “Recently Played”*

New Stuff: “Roots” by Zac Brown Band … kinda love the new Jennifer Hudson single, “Remember Me” … “Tin Man” by Miranda Lambert … “Losing Sleep” by Chris Young …and the new              Rascal Flatts album

Old Favorites: Lionel Richie’s Tuskegee album always seems to find it’s way back into my Recently Played.  Other artists “featured”… Michelle Branch, Jo Dee Messina, Kacey Musgraves,              Sam Smith, Shania Twain, Phillip Phillips, Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood, Haley Reinhart, Kelly Clarkson, Matt Maher, Laura Bell Bundy, Little Big Town, Johnny Cash, Gavin DeGraw,            Macklemore .. I love a lot of artists.

D: Any gigs coming up and any ones in particular you are looking forward to?

B: I am doing some work-captioning in a couple weeks.  Going to the Jersey Shore to play some shows & then to D.C.  Very excited for both & to expose my music to new ears.

D:What’s up next for you and what you would you like to do next?

B: The EP for me was just a requirement.  I want to be taken seriously as an artist and having recorded music is a necessity.  Otherwise, I plan to stay the path: collaborate with other artists, gig       often, write music.  I’m always looking for new people to work with and new places to play music.  I’ve a few auditions lined up as well so expect some possible updates on new acting jobs soon     ;)

Watch his video, ‘In My Mind‘ Live at NYC’s The Bowery Electric here: