Nashville’s own, singer Russell Dickerson, took time to tell us about his musical inspirations, his accomplished debut album, ‘Yours’, the crazy year he has had promoting it and what’s coming up next.


How much did growing up in Nashville, the world’s country capital, shape you and your music?

It definitely gave me a huge respect for Country Music and it’s rich history but growing up in the school systems of a bigger city there were tons of other musical influences that I grew up around. Pop, hip hop, rock, indie


Your debut album ‘Yours’ just dropped, what can you tell us about it and the process behind it?

This album is basically a continuation of the ‘Yours’ EP released in 2016. It’s upbeat, energetic and full of life! The process was finding those writers that I really connected with and just dove straight in with them to write these true honest songs.


How did this differ to your previous EPs?

My first EP ‘Die To Live’ was my intro into songwriting so the songs were very green where now on this full length LP I’ve had 6 years of song writing under my belt and really know who I am and what I want to say.


How is it following up from your gold certified single of the same name?

What’s the last year been like since this success? This year has been the year that I’ve worked towards and prayed for a very long time. It’s the busiest and most exhausted I’ve ever been but I definitely would not trade all of the hard work paying off for anything!


You just performed your first sold out show in your hometown, how did that go?

Incredible!! I’ve played that venue so many times and been to so many shows there and I always think “man it’d be so cool to sell this out on my own!” And that day was finally the day!!


What music are you a big fan of currently?

Haha, I’ve been in to 2 Chainz lately. I honestly was not a fan at first but I’ve been jamming his album a decent amount. My church, The Belonging Co. just released an album as well and I’ve been rocking that record too. Been digging this dude Lauv! He’s on this Spotify rise program with me and I’m a huge fan of his music!


What’s next for Russell Dickerson?

Focusing on pushing YOURS, the album and the single and far and as high as possible! Lots of touring in 2018 :)


See Russell on Tour here!