Ahead of their show in London, we had a chat with Matt Marcantonio, bassist and vocalist for the indie-rock band Demob Happy, the Brighton quartet continually making waves.


D: How is your creative process? I’ve heard in 2015 a lot of work on the album came from a few weeks in a Welsh cottage with no wi-fi.

M: Yeah that’s true. We like to get away from bullshit distractions like phones and Instagram to feel like we’re truly doing something special. It’s better to go inside yourself for a while when you’re writing than to feel like you constantly need stimulation. Learn what you can from the world, then let it digest and form into something new inside you. 

D: How has this tour been thus far?

M: Great. We’re playing new songs so we’re excited to be back on the road.

D: You share a lot of your influences and what you’re currently listening to in Spotify playlists, right now what are you listening to? What’s influencing you day by day?

M: It’s always gonna change. Sometimes nothing. I get so sick of discussing, writing, recording music etc. that some days I wanna sit in silence.

D: You guys upped and left your native Newcastle for Brighton to make it big, what was the moment that made you realise you had to leave?

M: Probably playing a tiny pub and being described as pop/funk. I think we realised people didn’t get us yet. But that has changed. Newcastle is killing it again, which is great to see. 

D: Dead Dreamers has recently dropped, and has already been streamed on Spotify over 60,000 times! What should we expect next?

M: We’re recording a new album very soon. We’re very excited to create it. We’re stretching ourselves so It’s gonna be the best thing we’ve done.

D: Are there any collaborations you’re working on, or would love to do?

M: Not currently, that sort of thing doesn’t happen often in the romanticised world of ‘authentic’ lonely geniuses. Unless you’re a pop guy who needs a rock tune, then you might knock on my door.

D: You’ve performed a lot of gigs, are there any stand out or iconic moments for you?

M: The best gigs blur into a haze of ecstasy, and you tend to remember every sad detail of the shit ones. Ask me if we ever meet and I’ll tell you everything, there’s been low but funny moments.

D: What message do you want to send? When people listen to, or think of, Demob Happy, what do you want them to be thinking?

M: That we do what we do because we couldn’t ever do anything else but do exactly this. Not to say we’re limited in scope, I think the new album will attest to that, but that we never had a plan B, in music or life choice.


Demob Happy’s latest single is ‘Dead Dreamers’, check that out below!