A talented musician and passionate campaigner, JildyT is extremely well known in certain circles. The LA based artist recently released single ‘Love Love Love’ to raise awareness of domestic violence, and ensnared none other than Snoop Dogg to feature on the track itself. 50% of the proceeds go to domestic violence charity the Jenesse Center, so if you like what you hear, support the cause by getting the song on iTunes.

What motivated you to start creating music? What age did you begin?

I was definitely born this way. LOL… I have been singing all my life. I began studying opera at age 11. I was cast in a Summer Stock Musical that is still running at the age of 12. I then worked professionally as a singer in that production for the next three years. I started writing music on the piano at that time as well.

Who were your musical influences, idols, or bands growing up that have helped mold you into the musician you are today? Or helped mold the music that you create?

I think Pink has had a hand in my direction of style. I love her vocal hooks and I think we both personalize every song.

Making music is a weird thing. You have to be inspired by a situation as well as a musical influence. I will experience a painful or joyful or maybe really unusual feeling that I don’t understand and then sit down and write a song on piano. Kind of like a venting or therapeutic session. Ha

What’s the ultimate goal you want your music to achieve, or for you to achieve in your career as a musician? Any particular message you wish to send?

As an artist I wish to make a difference in the world. My music is a labor of love. There is no ego in my motive at all. I write to get a message across to people who won’t listen to verbal communication. I am a big supporter of fighting against DV, domestic violence against women and children.

I have started “The Love Love Love Project”and Hollywood Hippie Records, which is a musical movement that promotes “LOVE” as the only option, the answer, the way…. to all happiness. Love matters. I give a portion of all my proceeds from iTunes, concerts, events, etc to charities. Please Help!!! That is not just my goal, it is my whole motivation and inspiration.

What’s the greatest concert you’ve ever been to or performed?

The best concert I have been to was 2 years ago. I went to a private charity fundraiser for The Rape treatment center, in LA. There were only about 100 people there and Aerosmith got up on a little stage and jammed for an hour! I was blown away. They were incredible live! and at their age they rocked it like they were 20 something! Some band sell a lot of downloads but when you hear them live they can’t deliver. That is how I judge an artist….Live only.. anyone can sound great in the studio..lol but true.. My personal favorite performance was in Nashville at CMA week & SXSW in Austin, Texas. Singing at small venues and really feeling people engaging in my message and ME…

Your latest single is ‘Love Love Love’ featuring Snoop Dogg. What was the inspiration behind this song?

I probably already answered this but let me say it again. Love is the answer to healing all the hatred, haters and war in this world. If you can practice love as an alternative point of view as well as an action, a noun you can make a difference in the world. My song Love Love Love is the theme song for my project. I’m just spreading the word every way I can.

What was it like collaborating with Snoop Dogg on this track?

Working with Snoop Dogg was one of the most stimulating times I have experienced. He is smart, funny, fun and humble. He has a real awareness of giving back through charity himself. He one takes the track and NAILED IT! Impressive…

‘Love Love Love’ is also the theme song to the campaign for your charity ‘Love Love Love Project’, what does this charity support and how can people get involved?

The Love Love Love Project is my baby, my soul, my mission. It is a message as well as a way of giving back through music. By downloading my song JildyT, Love Love Love feat Snoop Dogg, you can really make a difference in someone in needs life.

Everything we do within this project will help others less fortunate and btw the song is great! Please go to the website LoveLoveLoveProject.com and find out how you can make a difference. Get some good karma guys.

What else are you working on? What can we expect to see and hear from you in the future?

Currently, I am in the studio at Hollywood Hippie Records night and day. We are recording an EP 4 charity that will be released in a few months.

They are all original songs, by me and there will be more celebrity features on them as well. Please take the time to check out the Love Love Love Project and follow us\me on all social media.