As the release of her new single, ‘Can’t Keep Falling’ takes flight, I had the chance to chat with singer/songwriter Lina, the first Arabic winner of The Voice Israel.

‘Can’t Keep Falling’ is from Lina’s forthcoming album, ‘Walking On A Tightrope’, and was produced by Grammy winner Jerry Wonda and the upcoming talent, Tal Forer. It boasts collaborations with Grammy award winner Eliot Kennedy (Spice Girls, Take That), Hiten Bharadia (Craig David, Lamar), and Knightstarr (Anne-Marie, Janelle Monae).


D: When did you start singing and how soon after did you realise that you wanted this to be a full time thing?

L: I loved singing since I was a kid, but I never took it seriously. First time I did was when I was 16 during one of my piano lessons. I brought my piano teacher music sheets for ‘Almost Lover’ by A Fine Frenzy and sang along… my teacher was shocked, and she made me perform with it in front of everyone in the conservatory! A year later while attending a concert I had an enlightenment, like ‘when body meets soul’ feeling and I knew that this is what I want to do every day of my life.

D: Was there a sound/vibe you really wanted to be your signature from the start?

L: Yes. Except of spending most of my teenage years watching MTV, my parents played some traditional Arabic music for us. I always add some ethnic add-lips and riffs, I LOVE how it sounds when combined with pop music, and I feel it makes my music stand out in the international market.

D: How has the process been for recording this new single ‘Can’t Keep Falling’?

L: It’s been amazing! I had a session with the magical Maegan Cottone and Knightstarr and we wrote this song in a couple of hours. I fell for it from the first minute! I was so excited about this song that I spent the whole night humming it and waiting for the sun to come out so I can go back to the studio and record it. The song is filled with good energy and fun vibes and is SUPER catchy, so be warned!

D: Have you got any plans to perform live soon?

L: Yes! I love performing it’s my favorite part of the process. I’m going to perform at the biggest events in TLV, in front of 80,000 people it’s on June 9, The Gay. There are also other shows… You can follow me on my socials (@LinaMusicOfficial) and know what and where!

D: Are there any bands/performers you’d like to work with, any plans to perform or support any one this year?

L: Oh my, there are tons! I would LOVE to work/perform with Ed Sheeran, he’s a goddamn genius. I would actually marry him tomorrow!? he’s brilliant an such an inspiration. And yes, big things are coming this year, can’t talk about it… but I did support Queen & Adam Lambert a few months ago, and I can’t wait to perform and collaborate with more amazing musicians and artists!

D: How did winning the voice change things for you?

L: It has changed everything COMPLETELY. Thanks to The Voice I get to do what I love daily. I’m getting to fulfill my dream, step by step, and there’s no better feeling than this! Being on The Voice and winning gave me a great privilege to share my feelings and thoughts through music with so many people.

D: What’s next for you?

L: To conquer your playlist! Jokes aside, I’m working very hard to promote my single, (performing, interviews, anything to reach the people) I have a wonderful team so, I am very lucky. I am about to finish the recording of my debut album ‘Walking On A Tightrope’, and I hope to tour with it in the UK, Europe, and the US next year. And most importantly to enjoy the privilege of being able to live my dream.


Check out here video here: