The Luka State, a 4 piece guitar band from Winsford, and specifically lead singer Conrad, spoke to me recently to discuss all things music in anticipation of their new single, ‘Bring All This Together’. This follows the success of ‘Lies, Lies, Lies’ that was released earlier this year.  Their debut album ‘Fall In Fall Out’ is being readied for release very soon with growing excitement.

The band has an obvious devotion to the purity of the seminal sound that the guitar band emanates and it’s not only evident through their music but their fealty to promoting others of the same cut.  Their music show on YouTube ‘Listen To This’ pushes forward new bands who need to be heard and The Luka State are happy to champion the cause.

 But, it’s clear that frontman Conrad was destined to be right where he is today, leading and promoting on many levels, a sound he is passionate about.

D: When did you start playing and how soon after did you realise this was going to be a fulltime thing?

C: I first picked up a guitar when I was around 9 years old. I come from a huge family and I was around music growing up from the get go. My cousin and uncle would always have the guitars out at family parties. The first time I realised that this is what I wanted from life was when me and Sam first met. We’ve kind of never looked back.

D: Was there a sound/vibe you really wanted to be your signature from the start? 

C: We’re all influenced by lots of music from 50’s rock n roll right up to today. You can be influenced from all aspects of life but I think as a musician you have to have your own identity and stand out. Whether that be what you stand for and say in your music or just if you’re a great band with blinding songs. Bowie is a great reference for being an individual!

D: When you say that in this EP you are the one thrown over the boat Conrad, was it hard to find the words to describe what you went through or was it cathartic?

C: Songwriting is always a cathartic experience.  We’ve all had s*** to deal with in our lives and that’s what, as a songwriter, you draw upon to share real experiences be it love, lies, lust, social stuff, friendship, whatever!  It’s definitely a bit like therapy ha ha

D: How has the process been for writing this new album?

C: The process has been amazing. We try to be a band that is constantly being creative and constantly pushing each other. So when it came to laying down the record we felt 100% ready. Also It was a great laugh too, living together in a hotel for part of it getting up to stupid s*** as you do!

D: Are you looking forward to performing live?  Any gigs in particular?

C: We’ve been playing at fan’s house parties as well as gigs up and down the country for the last six months or so and it’s such a buzz.  We treat every gig like it’s Wembley no matter how big or small!  We’re absolutely buzzing for Liverpool Sound City and Camden Rocks coming up very soon.. and there’s a few others in the pipeline but I’ve been told by the higher power to keep hush hush ha

D: Explain in more detail your passion for ‘Listen to This’ on YouTube.

C: We had access to YouTube Space and we just wanted to do something positive with that opportunity. There’s so many great bands out there that are getting ignored by the industry because all they want at the minute is a flash in the pan. You just have open your eyes and ears to the music that’s around us. I suppose Listen To This is just our polite, weird way of sticking our fingers up and saying “look there’s some awesome music out there, go and get it!”

D: Are there any bands you’d like to work with, any plans to perform with any one this year?

C: To support one of our favourite bands on tour would be cool. It’s always been a dream for myself as a writer to do a writing session with Mr Paul Weller. And I think working with Kevin Parker from Tame Impala in the studio would be interesting. To perform with anyone though I wouldn’t say perform but I think I’d like to meet that Little Mix lot,  I think we’d hit it off big time….I’ll let you work out the rest for yourself.

D: How has this latest release changed you as a band and do you feel more connected as a result?

C: I suppose every release just makes you even hungrier for that success. Bring This All Together has had some great positive attention, Radio X had it as their This Feeling Track of the Week, BT Sport used it for their European football coverage and Radio 6 also played it. It makes us want to strive to become a better band in every aspect and I don’t think we will ever stop until we achieve that feeling of contentment , which may I add I think is impossible to achieve haha.

Bring All This Together’ out on 26th May. 

Listen to Bring This All Together by The Luka State here!