We recently had the pleasure to catch up with the Italian duo, M w S, to ask a few questions about their past, their future and their musical methods.

What where your influences and how do you use that for your song writing process?

Our main influences are great singers and singer-songwriters as Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Amy Winehouse. But also Pop singers like Lily Allen and Alicia Keys have influenced us a lot especially in the way they built a very strong visual message connected to their music. We love to mix up these sounds with our sometimes light and dreamy lyrics.

How do you approach recording and producing your tracks?

We usually write our songs with a guitar or a piano, we record demos in our home studio and then start working on pre-productions before taking them to a producer. However, in this EP ‘Swim’ 3 out of 4 tracks were written on beats by Italian beat-makers Natty Dub and Emshi. It’s a very different way of working on the track’s lyrics and structure, we enjoyed doing it for the first time and we’ll probably do it again in the future. We love the idea of re-elaborating another song and give it new life.

How will you perform live? Will you be playing with a band or something more intimate with just the two of you?

We love the intimacy of an acoustic performance in a house concert as well as the energy that a stage and a full band can give us. We’ll do both kind of shows in the near future. Playing live is really the most exciting thing for us, when you can connect with an audience it all comes together!

How did you come up with this sound in Italy where soul-RnB is not as big as it is here? How was it received amongst Italian fans?

It is true that R n’ B is not a very popular genre in Italy in this moment. However, there’ve been some great Blues / Funky singer songwriters in the past and there is now a growing scene of new soul / Hip-Hop artists. Our Italian fans were very surprised by our new sound but at the same time they loved the good and summery vibes of it.

What would you say it the main inspiration for your EP musically and lyrically?

In this EP we feel we were very inspired by the atmosphere of our small seaside towns in summer. The sea, the sun, the waves and the sparkling vibes of summer.

After the release of your EP what plans do you have? Are you touring?

First of all we’re planning a Secret EP Release Party, in which we want to recreate the whole mood of the EP. It will be a special night full of friends, guest artists and of course summery vibes. Details will be available soon on our Facebook page!