A brother and sister duo with a lovely, offbeat roots sound, Me and My Drummer have unveiled new single ‘Blue Splinter View’ from album ‘Love is a Fridge’ – out today!

  1. Where and when did you first discover your interest in music?
    Very early, when we were children. Charlotte’s parents are musicians themselves, so it was obvious to make music to her. I was in the theatre a lot, because my father’s working there. That was my way of first getting in touch with drummers on stage.2.   What are your main ambitions in the industry?
    To keep our freedom to do whatever we want musically. This is why it’s so important to find the right people in the industry to work with – it needs to feel free, productive and constructive.

    3.   When did you start writing your own songs/music?
    Charlotte started playing the piano at the age of 4 and soon came up with her own song ideas. I think she played her first solo shows with 15.
    I founded my first band at the age of 10.

    4.   What would you say is your music career highlight to date?
    The album campaign of „The Hawk, The Beak, The Prey” was a great success for us. Especially now, looking back, we’re really thankful for all the good things that happened. It’s not possible to point out one single highlight… We’re excited to come back with a new record now and we’re very much looking forward to 2016!

    5.   Who will we hear in your songs? What are your influences?
    The stories of the songs are all like small scenes taken out of different movies. We show you just a moment out of a big story that’s nowhere written down. Most of them describe a relationship between two people in all different kinds of ways. It’s not all about love, it’s unfulfilled desires, too, it’s about games that people play, about friends getting mentally crazy, about friendship, origin and sex.

    6.   What’s the most important thing you’d want to tell people about your current release?
    This is a great record when you listen to it the first time. It is a brilliant record when you listen to it the third time. And it keeps getting even better…

    7.   Who else can you recommend from your genre or local area for people to have a listen to?
    Check out Dean Blunt, Bernard + Edith, Tristan Brusch, Fabian Simon. And keep listening to Amon Düül II, Broadcast, Deerhunter and the Flaming lips.

    8.   Any gigs coming up?
    Yes. We tour Germany and central Europe in February and March and we’re working on UK dates right now. We want to come back as soon as possible!

    9.   Where can we find/follow you online?
    Check out facebook, twitter, instagram and our homepage: www.meandmydrummer.com!