Americana singer Megan O’Neill recently appeared during Country Music Week in London and she took time to discuss her origins in country music, her solo album and how she finds the burgeoning and talented country scene here in the UK.

How did you come into the country/Americana music scene?  Was it a natural progression/choice for you?

I suppose it was quite a natural progression for me. I grew up listening to Country & Americana music and the lyrics were always the most important part of the song for me – telling a story. So, I suppose I naturally gravitated towards wanting to tell stories with my own music – and we all know country and Americana are great for telling stories!

How did you find the recording process for your solo album?  Was it an easy transition for you?

I had the most amazing time recording my solo album. I worked with an incredibly talented producer (and dear friend) in Nashville called Zak Lloyd and we always work really well together. It was a pretty intense 16 days of non-stop recording, re-writing, editing, mixing, etc… but I’m delighted with how it turned out. Working on my solo record was obviously very different than working with my band (The Common Threads) on our February 2017 release (‘Stories to Tell’) but I thoroughly enjoyed the making of both records in different ways and for different reasons.

Your voice and music sound like older styles of the country music genre, how did you find your sound?  Was it a deliberate choice or did it come organically?

I think it all came to me organically. I’ve never sat down and analysed my voice or my sound with the intention of directing my musical journey at all. I just write (a LOT), record the songs I like from that writing pile and find the sounds and style I like in studio or while rehearsing it all with the band.

In my mind I know what I like and how I want the music to sound though – so I guess that’s what I go off!

How do you find the country music scene here in the UK now that its exploded with more and more listeners tuning into this growing genre here?

I love the scene here. I work with so many songwriters and artists in both the Country and Americana scenes in the UK and the people I work with are just so lovely, so talented and so respectful and supportive of one another. It’s a beautiful thing.

Have you got more touring planned for this album?

I do indeed. Next year! So, keep your eyes peeled.

What is coming up for you next year?

Lots of touring, lots more writing (as usual) and hopefully a lot more growth. I’ve been fortunate enough to keep growing year after year so I don’t want that to change any time soon.