The Moods are a group of genuine artists that are truly a movement, a force, that compels you to take notice.  Such talent has brought them to attention of many this year and created a loyal band of followers to adore on them as is right.  So, after an amazing tour celebrating their album, ‘Missing Peace’, I chatted with rapper Kolega, about the year in review and what 2018 is looking like already.

You guys have had an absolutely epic year touring and gigging, I had the pleasure to see you at one of your London shows which was immense, how did you find the whole process?

It’s fun and really rewarding. Sorry to be so cliché. It’s the reason we and most other artists do this I think. Watching everyone rave their back out to songs we have written and recorded is quality. Makes you feel like you are doing the right thing.

The response to your album, ‘Missing Peace’ has been one of such high praise, did you find the writing and recording came easy-was it inspired subject matter for you all to choose?

Yeah, definitely. It’s something that affects all of our lives in one way or another so putting that into words is really easy. It’s mad looking at it after and thinking wow, we managed to put it down in such a creative style yet not lose any of the subject matter along the way.

Your hit, ‘Joy’ which is my favourite track on the album, can you tell me that back story to that and how did it come about?

Cheers ;-) It’s one of our favourites as a band too. That’s a song that has been with the band for a while before it found it’s place on the album. It used to be a lot different sound wise and had a different vocal over it. John joined the band, sang his heart out to it, Holmes tweaked it and it turned into a beast of a song.

Your audiences and fan base are so dedicated and supportive, do you find that validating and will it help you make the next album when it comes time?

Yeah it is validating and gives us a good sense of what people enjoyed. We would always make songs that we liked and would never write songs just to please others but it does help us to see which bits people respond too. A lot of the time they like the things we didn’t expect them to. The time for the next album is nigh 😉

Have you thought about what your next album might be like and when you guys might start writing again?

Yeah, we have already begun the next album. We’ve got a good couple of ideas down at the moment and they sound good. As per usual, it’s another direction for the Moods. All I have left to say on the matter is ‘soulful’…

What does next year hold for you guys?

2018, is already lining up to be another fantastic year for the Moods. The whole band is really excited about the future and what it holds. We have achieved a lot in 2017, two UK tours, 13 cities, 16 venues, two massive singles, a brilliant, critically acclaimed album and over 20,000+ people came to see our live shows. We have spent the last year trying to build a strong platform for ourselves and I think we have achieved that. We have a third single lined up from the “Missing Peace” album, with a new video, and that is due for release around spring 2018, we also have some really exciting remixes in the works. We head back out on the road starting in February, followed by an early spring UK tour in April and May. Our management team is also currently in discussions around the possibility of extending that to a few European dates, before the summer festival season kicks in. We have already started work on material for a new album and we are taking January off from gigging, to develop these ideas. Two of our songs have also been selected to feature in in a major UK feature film, “Strange Ways Here We Come”, and this will be released around April, in 30+ UK cities on the big screen, which is very exciting for us indeed. So, “no rest for the Moods”, were looking forward to 2018 and beyond.


Check out the video, P.O.P. (Profit Over People):