As they release their new single, ‘Joy’, I had a chance to chat with the members of the 9-piece electro dance and hip-hop band from Manchester, The Moods.  The video for the single is due for release on the 23rd June as they get ready to tour the UK in advance of the album launch in September at Manchester’s iconic O2 Ritz.   By all accounts, this is a special year for the band which is evident in their palpable excitement for what’s ahead of them.

How did you all get started in music and how did you all get connected as a band?

A: The origins of what is the now “the Moods”,  originally started in high school, you would probably be surprised to hear we started out with aspirations to be an Indie band with influences such as Oasis, The Smiths, Stone Roses etc. We thought we were the dog’s bollocks, we were young and naive.

As we grew a little, so did our exposure to new sounds and musical experiences.  We looked to different genres for our influences, as this progressed, so did our sound. We started experimenting, , constantly evolving,  the core was there, but peripheral members, came and went. We have been through more members than I can remember, but that said, I think each passing member has helped to shape the sound we have today.

Since opening Boomshack Studios we have had a home, a base of operations, a place we can all be comfortable when writing our music. No pressure, just a good atmosphere. We’ve had time to develop as individual artists and as a band. The sound you hear today was born out of the freedom we created for ourselves. This “Missing Peace” album is some of the best work we’ve ever put out there and we are proud of every track.

Did you know what sound you wanted to put forth or did it evolve over time?

A: At the beginning we were gonna be the next big Indie band in Manchester but like I said, Young and Naive.  I’m glad we took a different path, and that we developed our own unique fusion and sound. Apart from a bass, there are no guitars, so through time we evolved, I guess deconstructed and rebuilt. It’s refreshing for us that we don’t sound like that anymore.  Times are changing in the Manchester music scene, and things have moved on from those Madchester Days and that Era. It shaped a generation, and today there’s so much more to Manchester Music.

I would like to think, The Moods are playing their part, and contributing to a new Manchester sound, we’ve mixed up a whole bunch of styles which reflect the times we are living in. We mixed, indie, rap, brass, reggae and electronic beats, with powerful rhymes and lyrics. I don’t think bands should be pigeon holed into one genre anymore. I hope we can pave the way for more bands to try new things, experiment with new sounds, after all, it’s a buzz innit?

Tell me the inspiration for your new single, ‘Joy’ and how was the process for recording it?

A: Joy is one of my favourite tracks on the album. It was born out of an old recording we had in the studio, a few vocalists had tried their hand at it but it never really took off as a track. I was given this track as a project to finish by myself but I wrote the lyrics, with the help of our bass player Dave. We based the song around previous vocalists’ attempts at making this track a hit and it kinda went from there. I suppose it’s my way of saying “Ha, I nailed it” but not in a bad way if you get me?

I think the rest of the band was diggin’ it so we mixed it, mastered it and it’s the monster of a track you hear today.

You have a tour coming up, any gigs in particular you are looking forward to?

A: Were honestly looking forward to all of them, the tour kicks off in Manchester, then we have dates in; Bolton, Sheffield, Preston, Liverpool, & London, I am especially looking forward to the festivals, Party In The Pines, Rec Rock Festival and Audio Soup up in Scotland.

But our Album launch at the 02 Ritz Manchester!! That is gonna be special. “1200 Mancunians proper havin it” to songs we’ve spent the last year perfecting? I don’t think there will be a better feeling ever!

How did you end up getting involved with the Strangeways Here We Come film?

A: We were put forward by Terry Christian for the soundtrack of this film. He’s been a fan of our band since our early days now and he thought our music would be a perfect match for this type of gritty urban film. The people behind the film had the same opinions as Mr Christian and they got in touch about using our song on the trailer and in the credits.

What was that experience like?

A: Well this sort of thing doesn’t happen every day for us. We were more than happy to get involved with this film. We’re proud to be involved with such a big production, it has a full UK cinema release with 28 cities, in the latter part of September,  It’s going to be amazing to hear our tracks, booming out during the film on the big screen, with hundreds of people watching it across the UK. We can’t wait to see the film for ourselves.

Where would you like to go to next as a band, what would you like to see happen for you guys?

A: Next? Bigger venues, bigger festivals, bigger tours. Just bigger in general. I believe, given the opportunity, we could bring the roof down on any live show on this planet. I know that may sound big headed, but I’ve never been so sure, and confident about a collection of songs and people before. The Moods are coming and we’re looking to stay for the long haul!


UK Tour Dates  

16th – Manchester – Rebellion (Single launch party)
24th – Bolton – Blind Tiger 
29th – Sheffield – West Street live 
30th – Preston – Roper Hall   

7th – London – Dublin Castle 
15th – Liverpool – Zanzibar 
21st-23rd- East Lothian – Audio soup Festival

5th-6th – Scunthorpe – Party in the pines festival

8th – Manchester – O2 Ritz – (Album launch party)
15th -17th – Buxworth – Rec Rock festival


Check out The Moods here!

The Moods (Live at Band on the Wall) – (Missing Peace)