Artist name : Outblinker

Release name : ‘Pink/Blue’ (10” release on Good Grief Records/GabuAsso)

Release date : 15th June 2015

  1. Where and when did you first discover your interest in music? 


Jason: I can’t really recall not being interested in music. There was probably no

single moment or record that made me start to pay attention to music because it’s

often so ubiquitous that you don’t even notice yourself forming an opinion on it.

Beginning to play an instrument around the age of 12 was pretty transformative

though realising that I could be actively involved in the inception and creation of

music was important for me



  1. What are your main ambitions in the industry? 


Chris: Personally my main ambition is to undermine industry at every possible

opportunity. There’s constant angst about an industry in crisis and an endless stream

of workshops and thinktanks muttering away to bemused kids who just want to play

music. Right this second, anxious panels of experts are gathering across the globe

(for appearance fees) to relate various career steps bands can take to stand any

chance of “making it”. And almost every step involves another niche industry

professional taking a cut of someone’s CD sales.


I find it very hard to have sympathy. Decades of stupidity and excess combined with

sexual objectification and cynical marketing have continually lowered the creative bar

to the point where the line between creating art and selling products is virtually



There’s an entire world of music bursting with original ideas and

creativity outwith that industry, just trying to stay afloat in the huge sea of money and

advertising the last 5 decades spawned.

Our ambitions lie in creating worthy art. Not in gaining the approval of big business.

And with that said I will now climb down from the cross.


Luigi: Continue to engineer recordings (under the name HowToMakeSushi

Recording and via NoUnicorn Productions), make good friends, play with Outblinker

and Kabobo. And continue to work in the live sound field. Feel part of an active

community of musicians, enjoy doing this. In few words, continue my lifestyle as a

Sound Soldier.



  1. When did you start writing your own songs/music? 


Chris: As with most folk, I burned through a fair few hundred cassette tapes during

my early teens doing a mixture of a nylon string guitar ballads and noisy adventures

in feedback. As regards the group of us that forms Outblinker, we started jamming

things out together around the tail end of 2013.


Luigi: When I was 8, but all I was writing was pretty shite. Then 21 years after I

discovered that processing things through an octaver and putting through 2 amps

can make even the worst composition a little classic on its own.



  1. What would you say is your music career highlight to date? 


Chris: Sorry to sound so sanctimonious, but my highlight would be years of touring

on the European DIY circuit in different groups and all the amazing friendships and

memories that has given me. I played with David Yow once and he was a cool guy

but it was nothing compared to driving past fields of sunflowers near Bordeaux in the

van listening to Do Make Say Think with the windows down.


Luigi: Everytime I make someone happy with my work as an engineer or everytime I

see someone headbanging listening to the music I play with my band.

If I can call it Highlight, 5 days ago I finally got the possibility to mix two new The

Cosmic Dead records and the one we recorded in Sardinia sounds so goddamn wild

and good! I think is going to be called Palau Goodman but maybe I’m wrong….



  1. Who will we hear in your songs? What are your influences? 


Jason: It’d be tough to list the influences for all five of us. We seem to agree on a

collection of bands (common themes include Neu!, Turing Machine, Godspeed You!

Black Emperor) but then each guy obviously has their own personal tastes. I listen to

a lot of drone and minimalist music, and see a lot of crossover with artists like Sunn

O))), Oren Ambarchi and Nik Bartsch to what I try to do in the band.



  1. What’s the most important thing you’d want to tell people about your current 



Chris: We had a lot of fun making it and we are already taking the ideas it contains

and developing them further. Hopefully it is an encouraging hint of things to come.



  1. Who else can you recommend from your genre or local area for people to have a 

listen to? 


Chris: I would strongly recommend listening to Golden Teacher and The Cosmic

Dead from Glasgow. Both are making Worldclass sounds and have a growing following

despite largely operating off the industry radar.


There is a fantastic underground scene on the continent too and I would always

suggest that anyone unfamiliar with French groups like Electric Electric, Papier Tigre,

Picore and Marvin check them out at the first possible opportunity.


Jason: I’ll also add The Cherry Wave to the good Glasgow band list. Amazing

fuzzedout shoegaze and top guys.


Luigi: I’m a recording, mixing and live sound engineer so I’ve got lots of

suggestions! The Cosmic Dead, Ubre Blanca, Holy Motors, Los Tentakills (RIP),

The Cherry Wave, Herbert Powell, Filth Spector, Big Hogg, Trembling Bells , James

Michael Rodgers , Ela Orleans, RM Hubbert, Clocked Out, Sick of Talk, Seconds,

Blood Of The Bull, Joe Mango, Herbert Powell, Skull Wizards, Sybren Reneema,

Death Shanties, The Colour Pink is Gay, Froth, Sean Armstrong, Spinning Coin,

Smack Wizards, Tut Vu Vu, Carina Quartet, Golden Teacher, Paul Tasker, Alasdair

Roberts, Catholic Action, Pinact, Young Fathers, Batttery Face, Young Philadelphia,

and so many many others … I would write a huge list but I would need 10 pages!

Glasgow and Scotland in general is full of really good acts!



  1. Any gigs coming up? 

Jason: We have a short UK tour booked in June to coincide with the release of

‘Pink/Blue’ which includes shows in both London and Glasgow, followed by a couple

of festivals in Scotland. We’re then off for over a fortnight to France and Spain later

in the year.



  1. Where can we find/follow you online? 


Chris: Chiefly at, the usual socials, or spattered across anywhere that

will have us.