Having released their debut album Precious Things, the alternative synth pop duo took time to have a chat about the album. Peppermint Heaven take us through their insertion and influences in the music world as well as their process and creative flow. Get to know Peppermint Heaven as they have an EP coming out in July 2017 and further videos and tracks f0r the next year.

  1. How did you meet and how did you first approach making music together?

Spark:   “We first played together in Chicago some years back and then got together again here in LA about five years ago.  Our songwriting process is very spontaneous.  I’ll come up with a drum loop usually and we’ll improvise to that to come up with a song idea.  Then we’ll flesh it out over time and write the lyrics.  It works really well for us.”

  1. How did you learn the instruments you play and what was your motivation?

Spark: “My main instrument is the bass and I’m self-taught.  I also play keyboards, guitar and drums.”

Juno: “I took some piano lessons as a kid, but I’ve developed my own style over the years.  I feel the keyboards are the most expressive of the instruments.  It’s perfect for songwriting.”

  1. What would you say was the main inspiration for your last album?

Juno:  For Precious Things, there’s a definite 80s alternative influence.  Bands like New Order, Depeche Mode, Smiths, Pet Shop Boys, Simple Minds and so on.

  1. How did you find the recording process?

Spark: “It’s quite exciting to be in the studio.  Like a dream come true.  We love playing with sounds and effects.  It’s a very creative environment and we thrive in it.”

Juno: “The mixing does take time, but the end result is worth the wait.”

  1. How did the change of scenery and moving to London in 2013 influence your sound and creative process?

Juno: “Our visits to London have been very inspiring.  We feel the music scene in the UK is much more in line with our direction than the scene in the US.  Many of our favourite artists are British and we feel a special creative kinship with the UK.”

  1. What’s up next for you guys and what should fans of Peppermint Heaven expect next?

Juno: “We have an EP coming out on July 14 entitled Stranger Than Fiction.  It includes remixes of tracks from our debut album Precious Things by Chords and Lynx who are well-known in the UK drum n bass world.”

Spark: “And we’re very excited about our second album which is coming out this Fall.  We’ll have singles, new remixes and new videos as well.  Stay tuned!”

Watch Peppermint Heaven’s video below: