The gorgeous and wholly talented Rothwell, took time after her set in the summery, golden atmosphere of the Latitude Festival this last weekend to chat about her upcoming singles, having her song played on Love Island (!) and generally what she has been up to.

What is the story behind your recent single, ‘Velvet Heart’?

Um, so I do tend to write my songs very much about what my life is.  And, a very dear friend and who doesn’t look after her heart, I wrote a song about it.

It must have been amazing to hear about having your song played on Love Island…

I know! It was insane!! I think the funnest part was having my friends text me saying, ‘No way, is that you?’ And, I was like, ‘Yeeesss!’

Did you find out about it being on the show beforehand?

So, we knew it was going to be on the series, but, they let us know on that morning. So, yes, I did know.  I was recording it all on the night!

How did you find performing at such an amazing festival as Latitude, is that a huge buzz for you?

It is because before I started doing festivals as an artist, I was at them as a punter.  Since I was 13, I have been coming to festivals.  So, to be on the other side of it, is just the best feeling in the world.  The loos are so much nicer on this side!! [laughs]

What is coming up for you the rest of this summer?

I have a couple more festivals and a single coming up in August. And, I am just in the studio writing and working on an album.

Can you say what the single is?

It’s called, ‘Stop Calling’.  It’s just very sassy and pop, and I am very excited about it.

How did you find supporting Justin Bieber?

Um, insane!  I was singing with some guys from The Knocks who are American and from New York and just the coolest people you have ever met in your life.  I was just sat there in a room with them thinking, ‘Oh, I am not cool enough for this!’ But, then went I went on stage, it was just a wall of screens and it is insane to be faced with that.  I was like, ‘Oh My God!’ It gave me goose bumps.

You have had a lot of good support from the likes of the BBC Radio 1, Clash and Metro, you must be quietly proud of all that?

I am! [laughs] I am so proud of everything I have got to at this point because it has not been a short journey, so every little thing you do is so exciting.  I have been doing this for four years so, its kind of enjoying the process of every little thing I get.  You feel like you have worked hard for it.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Yeah, I will maybe have a couple more singles out this side of Christmas, but one for sure.  And, hopefully, the album in the new year, but probably closer to mid-year.  I am just going to be gigging and writing and busy with music.  We have a good chunk written.  I work closely with a guy called Tim Powell who is producing it.  You’ve got to write the shit songs to get the good ones so we are writing loads just to make sure we have the good ones!


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