22 year-old singer-songwriter Tally Spear from London releases new single ‘Just Don’t Know’, that is a step forward musically and lyrically from her previous singles. Inspired by her family and Bob Dylan, Tally Spear embarked on her musical journey, delving into Folk and Country from a young age.  We discuss the new single, her influences, and what’s coming up next for her.
What’s the story behind your latest single ‘Just Don’t Know’?
Just Don’t Know is about the spiralling thoughts that go through my mind on an every day basis, and I’m sure the minds of many people.
There are a lot of pressures on young adults to know what they’re doing and where they’re going quite early on, and this song is my response to these pressures.
 Who are your major inspirations behind your folk and country style?
I’m inspired by many people, but in a folk and country sense, Bob Dylan, Dolly Parton, Paul Simon, are three that spring to mind.
You mentioned that ‘Just Don’t Know’ is a bit of a step forward from my previous records, both musically and lyrically.”, what/who helped you make that push musically and lyrically?
I think that as I’m maturing, my music is evolving as are the lyrics I write. I think as we grow, our art grows with us – the music I write now will inevitably be very different to that which I write in another
3 years…

 Who are you currently listening to the most?

 I’ve just discovered Kurt Vile’s music – and I have his song ‘Pretty Pimpin’ on repeat! I’m so into it.
 I read in your website biography that you grew up in a household with musicians and actors, did you find it challenging to discover your own voice/style?
Not really! I’m so grateful that my parents and brother have been so encouraging with everything I came up with. No one in the family is doing exactly what I’m doing either, we’ve all got our little niche.
 As a recent graduate, I found myself relating to your song completely. Do you have a message for the people who ‘Just Don’t Know’ what their next step in life is?
I suppose, to just not get too overwhelmed with life, and to just do the very best you can at the current moment. To stop living in fear of the future.

 What does 2018 hold for Tally Spear? Any upcoming gigs or an album?

I can’t wait to share news on my next exciting release coming early March. Keep your eyes peeled on my social media for news.
Watch her music video for ‘Just Don’t Know‘ here and keep up with her latest news and updates on Facebook.