A five piece from Wales who seem to embody raw energy, The Cradles are a new indie band on the rise. Their top quality, fizzing rock track ‘Ideal Girl’ is out now, and if you like what you’re hearing you can find out plenty more below.

  1. Where and when did you first discover your interest in music?

    I remember that all of the naughty kids in our school got sent to a Steps concert, that’s probably what did it. It doesn’t hurt to be a stormy petrel sometimes.2. What are your main ambitions in the industry?

    To be playing the biggest stages all over the place and doing this day in day out. It’d be nice to re-claim the charts from club music too.

    3. When did you start writing your own songs/music?

    Kie and Dec started writing together when they were 17. When we first got instruments we started writing straight away day in day out really. It just seemed like more fun than learning other people’s songs.

    4. What would you say is your music career highlight to date?

    Romeo Dunn from So Solid Crew stopping us in the street when we were busking one night and telling us that he wanted to be our manager. Romeo, if you’re reading this we’re still waiting on your call…

    5. Who will we hear in your songs? What are your influences?

    The songwriting style of The Kinks and The Beatles is an important grounding for us. We always want to have good core songs that sound good even when you just play them on a piano or acoustic guitar. Then when we start bringing them into practice you get all the stuff that everyone’s been listening to throughout that week coming into it. Kie is really into Television and Pixies so that tends to make a mark on the songs.

    6. What’s the most important thing you’d want to tell people about your current release?

    It’s out on all of your favourite digital platforms on March 25th and you’d be a fool to miss it.

    7. Who else can you recommend from your genre or local area for people to have a listen to?

    Himalayas and The Fused are bands with worth keeping an ear open for. They’ll both be supporting us at our single launch on March the 23rd.

    8. Any gigs coming up?

    We’re supporting Bill Ryder-Jones at The Moon in Cardiff on the 11th March and then our single launch is at Clwb Ifor Bach on the 23rd March. We’ll also be heading off on a UK tour in April so keep an eye out for details of that soon.

    9. Where can we find/follow you online?