Interview courtesy of Nikki at Songbird Music

A lot of the local shows that I go to are the most rocking good times I’ve ever had. It is no exception when that show includes my friends Eyes Eat Suns. They are an alternative rock band from Raleigh, North Carolina. They have played shows all over the state. They even got the chance to play Warped Tour and Weenie Roast, which are a big deal! Their shows are filled with a high intense energy unlike any other. Because of that, the band got the chance to take their brand of rock and roll out on the road on their first national tour!

Q1: What was the coolest thing you saw on tour?

Ayisa- Flat Top Mountain

Matt- Being able to fall asleep and wake up to look in a new city realizing it’s the music that brought you there

Caige- Me and Matt had driving shift and we had to pull over on the side of the road in TX to pee, and could see every star in the sky, and I saw my first shooting star.


Q2: What makes a great setlist? Did it change from show to show?

Ayisa- I think the coolest set lists are the progression of our music. Going through chronologically with what we written and ending with our most banger song.

Matt- The fact that we’ve played those songs so much on tour it makes the songs so strong.

Caige- I don’t make the setlists because it stresses me out.

Q3: During your down time, was there any songwriting happening? If so, what was that like?Ayisa- I wrote a few things, but nothing really stuck because it was our first tour we were doing everything ourselves there wasn’t truly downtime to think about writing. But once we got back words just flowed.

Matt- I just wait for Caige and Ayisa to write something, and wait for my time in the truck.

Caige- There was no writing going on, but plenty of new ideas came to me after seeing so many different musicians on the road and learning from them.

Q4: Which show had the best crowd?

Ayisa- In terms of size, Las Vegas. In terms of energy, New Mexico.

Matt- Farmington, New Mexico. The energy was ridiculous there.

Caige- My favorite was Las Vegas because we got to open for a band with former members of No Use For a Name, whom I grew up listening too

Q5: Any crazy fan experiences?

Ayisa- None crazy enough to remember.

Matt- I got to dance with guys in tuxedos in Vegas.

Caige- It was fun to watch all the guys drool over Ayisa.

Q6: Did anyone pull any pranks on tour?

Ayisa- We thought about putting a live chicken in the van with the other bands guitarist, but what ended up happening was we blew up a condom and it blew away into that chicken’s pen.

Matt- Ayisa stuffed my pockets with female condoms. I had never seen something like that.

Caige- We convinced our fill-in bass player that the show got cancelled because while he was out grabbing a beer down the street from the venue, he missed check in and we couldn’t play the show.

7: What cities were you each looking forward to visiting?

Ayisa- Long Beach, Vegas, Denver

Matt- Probably Vegas.

Caige- Vegas. Because Vegas.

Q8: Did you alternate who drove to which city?

Ayisa- I didn’t drive… I wasn’t allowed.

Matt- Oh yeah

Caige- We came up with a driving schedule to make sure everyone drove the same amount of time.

Q9: How difficult was it to stay healthy while on tour?

Ayisa- VERY, I can’t even explain. I wanted to be so healthy, but I was just so limited to what I could keep on hand, what I could bring, and just what could be accessible.

Matt- It wasn’t that bad even though my diet was shit. Like canned soup. Taking vitamins helped me out a whole lot.

Caige- We tried our best to stay healthy with vitamins and plenty of water, but it was rough being on such a rough sleep schedule.

Q10: Any tips for bands who want to go out on the road?

Ayisa- Sleep, Vitamins, actually take care of yourself and know what works best for you, not someone else. Your health is the most important because if you aren’t healthy, then you aren’t going to be very useful and touring is a lot of work. Patience is important too.

Matt- Save as much money as you can and be prepared for adventure, and loss of sleep

Caige- Make sure your expectations are never too extreme and you’ll always have a good time.