Rock group Headline Maniac have released their new single ‘Why Should I Care?’ and it is exactly the sort of fun, loud blast of noise you would expect from these skillful, seasoned and consummate rockers.  All of them are still current members of the legendary Eddie and The Hot Rods bands but have created their own more recent catalogue of music in the same genre of hard and fast rock.

I had the pleasure to meet them last year at the Cambridge Rock Festival and despite their rugged rock exterior, I found them truly charming, clever and deft at finding and developing their own material it into solid, gratifying rock.  And, as far as stage presence, they are completely at home.  Dipster Dean, who provides lead vocals and bass guitar, fronts up to the audience with such seasoned acumen that it is plain its second nature. And, why wouldn’t it be?  They have been rocking out for years and know what it takes to give the crowd exactly what they want.  That coupled with Simon Bowley’s stonking drums providing an amazing back beat along with Chris Taylor’s searing guitar riffs, they make one almighty sound that just cuts right through.

And, the new single echoes all of that perfectly, the clear comfort and ease of knowing their strengths.  It has the requisite nonchalance and the riffs that accompany it as well.  There is a plenty of grittiness to rock out to and again, such an ease to the tenacity with which they play it’s always a pleasure to listen.

They have many more dates and chances to catch them in the coming months including performances with Metalworks at The Monarch in Camden on the 17th of June and several dates in France in September. Make plans to catch them while you can!

Follow the band on tour here.