Vevo have revealed the first video from their dscvr ones to watch list for 2018 EXCLUSIVELY on The Music SiteCheck out Superorganisms live performance of ‘Something For Your M.I.N.D’ and behind the scenes chat with the group before it goes live on Vevo.

Stupidly fun, sample-happy and eight members strong, Superorganism are a force for good. Their story starts on different sides of the globe. Six members shared the same house in London after meeting in New Zealand, while singer Orono – a Japanese-born 17-year-old studying in Maine at the time – recorded hushed vocal parts while her roommate was in the bathroom.

Debut single ‘Something For Your M.I.N.D.’ proudly boasts the collective’s skill in making saccharine, sense-zapping pop without the cheese. Uploaded at the start of 2017 with zero info on the band, it was met with serious intrigue. Many wondered if it was an under-the-radar comeback track from fellow synth-huggers Gorillaz – it was that good. Live, they’re all wild arm movements, trippy visualisers and mad energy – save for Orono, who couldn’t look more casual in amongst the madness. She’s the star, somehow making of-the-moment malaise into something positive. Anyone experiencing the remotest sense of doom-and-gloom only needs to hit play on Superorganism for an instant cure.

Watch the Live performance of Something For Your M.I.N.D below:

About Vevo dscvr

The dscvr franchise at the core of Vevo’s DNA helps artists in their early stages of their career to find their unique voice and, most importantly, their audience. Vevo dscvr has previously helped to break artists from the likes of Sam Smith, James Bay and Alessia Cara, putting the acts in front of a monthly audience of 24 billion (and growing!). Vevo dscvr has become a highly sought after program due to incredible popularity of music videos and the enormous scale of the Vevo platform. Dscvr represents the first instance for many of these artists where they have professionally produced video content to tell their story and show off their talents in the best possible light.

2018 has been our most ambitious Vevo dscvr program to date having over 500 submissions for Music & Talent to evaluate in 2018, the most yet.

In addition to stripped down live performance, there are unique new formats where the artist chooses their interviewer as we get to know them better. This could be friend, family or peer – ultimately we’re allowing someone who knows them best to give viewers a very personal window into who they are, where they come from, and the passion that drives their music.

Find out more and watch the countdown here:

Watch an interview with Superorganism and Jungle below: