‘Fel i Fod’ will be played exclusively for the first time on Huw Stephens’ BBC Radio Cymru 2 Breakfast Show 09/02. Also getting its first Radio 1 play on Huw Stephens’ show 12/02.

Fast rising ‘post-punk’ trio Adwaith came to dominate the Welsh musical landscape in 2017 and the year ahead promises to be another successful one for them. They unveil their new double A-side single ‘Fel i Fod’ and ‘Newid’ on 16th February. ‘Fel i Fod’ creates a direct emotional connection with the listener; it is a song dealing with uncertainty and fear of life at the threshold of a new beginning. As Hollie Singer describes ‘I wrote ‘Fel i Fod’ at a time in my life where a lot of things were changing, everything was new and scary to me. This song is about being afraid. Afraid of being stuck. Afraid of being comfortable somewhere I don’t think I belong. It’s about realising you’ll be okay even if you don’t feel okay all the time.’ ‘Fel i Fod’ is at once delicate, yet bold and full of confidence as it reaches its crescendo. It shows musical maturity that is carried forward to the powerful post-punk chords of ‘Newid’. ‘Newid’ is an anthem to the new generation, the generation who were deceived and ignored by the cold, selfish world of Brexit and Trump. Yet the song finishes on a resounding note of hope ‘They never break us’, ‘passion develops in us’. These are songs about change but also songs to change lives and worlds.

Listen/Stream Fel I Fod  and Newid below:

(Photo Credit – The Shoot)