Finnish Singer-songwriter Liisa published her new song ’Where Do I Go From Here?’ at the end of December 2017 and the single is now available on Spotify, Tidal, iTunes and many other popular music streaming services. In addition it can be found on YouTube and SoundCloud.

Helsinki based artist Liisa writes fresh pop songs with a lot of influences from folk, rock and soul. In Liisa’s music strong emotions meet acoustic instruments and down-to-earth arrangements creating an atmosphere that Liisa describes as ”feet in the ground and head in the clouds”. Liisa has previously published music with her band Liisa & Dem Babies, releasing in 2012 their debut EP Two Roads which contains six songs about youth and finding one’s way and place in the world. The second EP Highest High is a compilation of musical stories about love and its many ups and downs.

Liisa’s newest single ’Where Do I Go From Here?’ continues the story of longing for purpose, lust for life and being – sometimes – a little bit lost. Liisa describes the song as musical wanderlust, where you can feel the season changing and the beginning of something new that is just around the corner. Grab your suitcase and join her on the journey. ’Where Do I Go From Here?’ embodies perfectly Liisa’s motto regarding her music: peace, love and catchy hooks!

Listen/Stream Where Do I Go from Here? below:

Musicians and production:
Liisa Anastasiadis – music, lyrics, arrangement and vocals
Jesper Anastasiadis – arrangement, ukulele, bass, backing vocals and production
Pauli Halme – guitar
Joni Saukkoriipi – keyboards
Eliel Viitala – drums
Heini Ikonen – violins and backing vocals
Siiri Kangas – backing vocals
Lasse Hukka – mixing
Svante Forsbäck / Chartmakers – mastering

(Photo Credit –  Henriikka Koskenniemi)