Foo Fighters announced a new album. Called Concrete and Gold, It will be released 15th September. It will feature “The Sky is a Neighbourhood”  and “La Dee Da,” which debuted live recently. “Run” will also feature on the album, which recently released alongside the wacky video, Directed by Dave Grohl.

Check out the artwork and track list below.

01 T-Shirt
02 Run
03 Make It Right
04 The Sky Is a Neighborhood
05 La Dee Da
06 Dirty Water
07 Arrows
08 Happy Ever After (Zero Hour)
09 Sunday Rain
10 The Line
11 Concrete and Gold

The band have also announced new tour dates which you will find here

Foo Fighters last release was back in 2015 with the Saint Cecilia EP. Back in 2014 they shared their LP, Sonic Highways along with a HBO Documentary about American regional music traditions. The band will also be headlining Glastonbury this year.