GIFT WRAP – Brendon Avalos of B Boys – shared the video for his new single “Either Way.” “Either Way” is from his forthcoming debut album Losing Count, which is out March 2nd on Captured Tracks.

For some time now, Brendon Avalos has been forging a path for himself among the clamor of emerging indie artists as the bassist and vocalist of Brooklyn punk trio B Boys. Now, he is releasing his first solo effort under the alias Gift Wrap.

With each track draped in whimsically looping layers and interspersed with the pervasion of old radio samples, buzzing, and hums to create a tate of constant white noise, Avalos successfully conveys a state of latent anxiety through danceable, weirdo pop. In this way, Losing Count becomes an exercise in synthesizing the collective experience of today’s political and cultural climates into a fully individualized expression.

Watch the Official Video for Either Way below:

Gift Wrap Losing Count out March 2, 2018 via Captured Tracks

1. Present
2. Losing Count
3. Current Expulsion
4. Change My Mind
5. Either Way
6. Mirage
7. Past
8. Comatose
9. Half of Nothing
10. The Situation
11. I Cry
12. A Moment of Reflection
13. Future

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Gift Wrap - Losing Count